Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sleep Apnea, CARS and other ramblings

I guess I had not blogged on here about going for my sleep tests about a month ago, but I did! lol Now, I need to sleep with a mask hooked to a CPAP machine. What fun these things are. I knew it would be an adjustment and take some getting used to, but this is crazy. The first night (Tues) a week ago, I spent most of it "playing" with the mask and rearragning it. Then for 2 nights I was awakened by it spitting water UP my nose. That was real fun. NOT I keep talking to the man at the equiptment place and he is nice and helpful, but I think its hard for him to fix it over the phone and also him not having one could be a problem. I am not sleeping better and neither is my husband, in fact it is WORSE. With less sleep. And MORE naps in the daytime for me and still very tired. I am still using it and hoping that each time I learn something new that one of these nights, I will get it right. PLEASE.
I go away to a crop on Sat. and my car breaks down. We just put $$$$ into it about a week ago for some engine work and here now it wont start. I knew it was not the battery, because I had lights and radio, and of course someone had to jump me just to make sure and it didnt help. SO, we got it towed to the garage and it needed a new starter. UGH. Now, maybe that will be it for now.
I am hoping to be going on a scrapbooking weekend next weekend down to the beach. Yes, in Feb! lol Its cheaper, and Im not there to go swimming. The best part of this trip will be that my mom is going along with me. She hasnt been able to go to see the ocean in a long time and I think (know) she was having withdrawls. There is just something about feeling the oceans mists and seeing and hearing those waves crashing that gives us ENERGY!!!