Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Some Artwork!

Well, I either dont take pictures or just do not share my cards, pages and what nots, so here is some things I have done recently. Hope you enjoy them.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Long Time

Well, its been a while again. I got my car back and then was never home! lol I was gone pretty much the last 2 weekends. Beginning of Oct. was my whole weekend crop at CRC in/near Port Royal, PA. A GRRREAT place to go and awesome people too!! I LOVE it up there. and NO my car did NOT break down! Lol I had the same person with me too, so I'm really glad that did not happen! Now I have to wait until March to go there again. I love the mountains and the scenery.
Today, I was cleaning!!! What the heck brought THAT on? I have NO clue. lol I think I am just tired of living in a mess. I really paid for it tonight though. I hurt like the dickens. ouch. I was doing the kitchen. I dusted some, swept, cleaned off a whole rack of cookbooks, and then mopped and put everything back again!!! Whew. My dd helped me fix it when she got home from school. We even cleaned the wooden chairs! Geeez, scary!
We had a wedding to go to on Sat. It lasted ALL day! Between wedding and reception, and how far away it was, we left around noon and did not get home until like 1030 at night. Long day for all of us. We slept in on Sunday (still NO church?) and then we met some friends for a late lunch.
Tomorrow, I must take some of my not wanted scrapbook items into a store. She has this AWESOME scrapbook yard sale coming up on Sat. We take our stuff in (priced and # and ready to go) she sells it to whoever comes for the yard sale, keeps track of it all and then gives us our money to spend in her store!!!! I LOVE it. I was only there as a buyer last year, and got some great stuff. NOW, I'm taking a box in and hoping to do well on both ends! :)
Well, the rest of the family is in bed. Guess I should head there too.