Monday, August 27, 2007

First Day Of School

Well, today was the first day of school. As much as I could NOT wait for summer to be over and school to start again, I MUST admit that it felt a little weird without Kimberly around today. I started back to work today too as a crossing guard, so I was up early and did something. I was also very productive today!! :) That IS saying a lot for me! lol I folded some wash and put it away, put clean dishes away and loaded the dishwasher too. Figured I would give the kid a break on her first day back to school. I actually watched about 1/2 hour of TV today too!! lol Very rarely do I do that. It was a scrapbooking show on DIY. Pretty cool. I think that is only like the second time I have gotten to see it.
SWAPS Man, all of a sudden it seems I am up to my elbows in swaps and such. Guess I better get with it. I have a receipe swap, card swap, something else I havent figured out what Im making yet swap and I have to cut up some new papers from CTMH for a group swap so we all have the NEW paper packets to show off! Thats an easy one!
Well, guess I better go see what to make for supper now too. Whew.....long day.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Do you remember?

OK, I have to know how many of you remember, loved or maybe even still play or have the Old Nintendo? Remember Super Mario Brothers? 1, 2 AND 3? Well, we have a few older game systems and none new. Sometimes I think we are the only family on the block that doesn't, but, its not a big thing in our household. Well, years (lots of them ) ago, I had all these and some "cheater" books to go with some of the games. So, my daughter and I play them once in a while. We got it out last week and spent days going through SM3. lol We had to use the old Game Genie (do they make those anymore?) but, we finally got through the WHOLE thing and she got to beat the Big Bad Kroopa at the end! We were playing for a few days, on and off, then Friday decided we were gonna do the WHOLE thing. We sort of pooped out around 9:30, BUT, hubby said, shut the TV off, leave the game on and finish it later. Boy, sometimes he is just too smart!! That's why I married him. :) SO, then on Sat. afternoon, we finished the last of the world. We had a really good time beating the bad guys together and accomplishing something too. Studying the book to see which was the best way to go and how much further we had to go. Summer is over and school starts on Monday, so we probably wont do many more SB3 marathons. Maybe we should move on to the Sega now????

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Whole NEW Experience

My husband & I got to experience something very different yesterday. We were invited to a Mennonite wedding. It was his coworker that was getting married and they invited us! He has only been working there since around the beginning of the year, so it was a surprise. We did not know exactly what to expect, but I think both of us were excited and wanted to see how they did things.
I am NOT picking on OR making fun of anyone or anything.
They were registered at Walmart for gifts. So, we checked out their list and went shopping. NO big expensive or extravagant items for them. Mostly ALL practical things for them or the house. When we got there, we noticed that most of the gifts were not even wrapped! A few were, some were in gift bags, and others were just brought in as is. The service and dinner were at the same place. So, we went in and walked to the Chapel part. There were two ushers to seat everyone. So we waited our turn and told the man that we were coworkers and got sat. The service started pretty much on time. NO big hubbub about a wedding party walking in, the bride & groom came in together and went up front and then a few Fathers/preachers/elders. Not sure exactly, but they all spoke. There were four of them. So, we sang a few Hymns, they read scripture, we sang a few more, read some more, then one of them did the wedding ceremony part (close to what ours would be) in words anyway. BUT, NO big fancy wedding dress, NO flowers, NO music playing, NO photography and NO wedding rings!!!! Oh, and NO you may now kiss the bride either! From our understanding, no public displays of affection. I did not have a big to do wedding, but I can not imagine 'our' world with out all that big hype. My goodness, what would brides do? lol No thousand dollar dresses and months of planning. No dead flowers!! So, the service was about two hours long then we were ushered out row by row then the rest were allowed to leave as they could. (still by row) We all congratulated the couple on the way to the dinner tables, where we were seated again according to the seating chart. After everyone was seated, another prayer for the meal. WOW, and what a meal it was. Yummmy!!! It was sort of home style. There were a bunch of people serving all the tables. They brought out one thing at a time for each table per side and you passed it down and then it went back to the kitchen. Lots of great food. Oh, and when we saw the new couple we were given a pen with their names and date and thank you for being there. At the table was a 'card' to explain the blank card. We were to write whatever wisdom we chose to share with the newlyweds! That was pretty fun too. There was already cake on the table too. No big to do over one of those either. Then after all the food was passed around and all of us were stuffed, another prayer and then it was over.
I do think they were getting a few pictures taken in the chapel though when we went to leave. It was a great experience and we had a nice time. Really makes you think about all that "EXTRA" stuff we think we need, when all that really matters is GOD and us!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

I got TAGGED!!!

The Rules: So this is how it works. I must post the rules, 7 random things about me and then tag 7 others to do the same. Sound fair enough, right? At the end of their blog list 7 people you are tagging. Let them know that they are tagged by leaving them a comment.

1) I (we) adopted an older child. We wanted someone to teach and love.

2) I have a WHOLE room of Garfield stuff!! From pencils, notebooks, greeting cards up to ceramics and kitchen ware.

3) I HATE spiders.

4) I have never been out of the USA.

5) Growing up, I used to watch WWF wrestling!!!!

6) I secretly love to drive my husbands Jeep. (Only with the top off in the summer.)

7) I have 3 cats.

OK, NOW, I have to find 7 people that have probably been tagged already! lol
Clearly Inspired-Kim, Fabulosly artsy, Inky smiles, April mamadriggs,quilted bag,Twistedchic-Michele.