Sunday, February 24, 2008

Quiet Weekend

Nothing much exciting this weekend. I was home all weekend again! lol That wont be happening for a few months again now!! LOL I have something almost every Sat. and/or whole weekend planned for the next 2 months. We had off again on Friday because of some snow. Geeezzz, we get an inch or two of snow and there NO school anymore. But, later in the day it did start raining/freezing so I guess that was good we were NOT out in it.
I was talking about my scrap room that I some how needed more space on my hubby promptly suggested that I get rid of some stuff to make room! lol That's NOT gonna happen. lol SO, he said we could get some brackets, we already had a big piece of wood, and make a shelf or two AND, this is the big thing, I will do it TODAY!!! WOW. That usually doesn't happen unless I beg, plead and yell! Lol So I cleaned most of the desk off and he put up two shelves and now I am slowly putting stuff back and trying to decide what really needs to be in reach, and what can go UP! I am also sorting and getting rid of a few things. I figure if I haven't used them at all or in a year or whatever, I probably will not use them. When I go to my weekend crop in March, there is a yard sale table. Someone else might love to have my stuff.
We went to Friendly's for ice cream sundaes last night. We hadn't done that in a long time and I was hungry for one. Man did that taste good. It took way over 1/2 hr to GET them, but they were yummy! Guess I should go finish putting my room back together and I think we need to eat supper yet to.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Valentines and other small happy thoughts!

Valentines is not such a big deal around my house. We tell each other all the time that we love each other, so it is not such a big deal on that one day. We do like doing something little though. We just got my dd some candy and we all went out for dinner together. They also got me a small flower, which my wonderful dd said...another plant for you to kill mom!! Lol Think she knows? lol Some flowers just do NOT like to live in the house!! Here is a picture of my hubby and me out for our dinner taken by my daughter.

FRIDAY, we had off of school around here, so my daughter and I went to visit grandmom!! Nothing big, just some girl time out. There is always food involved and we decided to go to a local farmers market that is inside. So, lunch took a long time to get to us, but it was very good. Mom & I got Pork & saurkraut, and Kim got a hamburger! lol Then we were walking around and looking to buy a few things and also working on dessert. All of a sudden I spotted my FAVORITE all time thing......A Glazed Preztel Doughnut!!! OMG!!! I couldnt beleive it. lol I didnt think to take a picture of them and they are now GONE! Lol I tried looking for one on the web but couldnt find any that came close to what I am talking about. Its really JUST a glazed doughnut formed into a pretzel, BUT, it just tastes that much better! Lol I used to eat these when I was in like middle school and I do not find them around very often any more. Well, NOW I KNOW were to get them!!! UNfortantly they are VERY close to where my mom lives! But, that is still over 1/2 an hour from me, so I wont be going there to oftne! other news...I finally bought a Cuddlebug yesterday!!!!! I have beent wanting one and trying to hold off and I just couldnt do it anymore. I had a 1/2 OFF coupon and know were to get cheap embossing folders (which is what I mainly wanted it for), so I did it. I have a Cricut, so I probably wont be using it to actually cut things out to often. I was playing with the few things it came with yesterday and had some fun but havent actually made a card on anything. When I do, I will post it!! Gotta go now...lunch with our friend and some running around.
Have a great rest of the weekend.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Snow day Ice day

So the kids got out early yesterday and just in time too! It started snowing around lunch time and kept on with some sort of precepitation all day yet today. It was really snow/icy this morning. We started out with a 2 hour delay. I looked outside and said, YEAH, like I want to go out in this stuff!!!! It looked terrbile, was pouring, still had ice on the driveway/street and side walk. Im a crossing gaurd, NO way did I want to go out there! lol Well, a few minutes later (because you just KEEP checking for updates) they cancelled school. NOW, for the interesting part.....they are supposed to get out early on Thurs, (Plus Im figuring its gonna be another delay in the morning) still icy. Then off on Friday and Monday for Presidents day. Now, Monday should be a make up day and they will go to school. Geeez, what a screwy schedule! Lol
After school yesterday we needed a few things grocery wise, so we quick made a trip to Sharp Shopper. It is sort of a big 'left over' kind of place that also has lots of regular everyday stuff too. Like lots of NO name brands and that, and then some bent n dent I guess you call it. Most of there stuff if fine though. Some prices are NOT better then the regular grocery store and a bunch are. So I have started going there again like every couple of weeks. Lots of like cereals, pastas and snack stuff is great! Anyway, Im glad we did, because I would NOT have gone out today! lol We had milk and bread which seem to be the staple around here IF your gonna get snowed in!! lol Had lots of lunch and snacky type stuff too...which Im not sure is good or bad?!? hhhmm
I like to have some snack foods around, but then I EAT THEM!!! lol
I cleaned my scraproom up some yesterday and it and other things today. Trying to get stuff were it belongs and all together with its like stuff. Does that make sense? lol It seems I start to put like old school thing here, and then I forget or cant get there, so I start another pile....Im trying to get them into ONE pile now. I like to be organized!!! Doesnt always work, but I try!
I added some new people to my friends blog list. Some people I just found through others and some just started theirs. Check them out.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Her First Valentine

So, my 14 year old daughter has a boyfriend. They only see each other in school, write notes, make little hearts with their names in them, stuff like that. But they appear to really like each other and care about each other about as much as you can when you are that age! lol SO, yesterday she said that HE had something for her for Valentines day and wanted to quick stop by the house to drop it off. She got the cutest biggest stuffed teddy bear and a nice card. It was so cute! To have someone care about you and do something just for just made my day almost as much as it did hers!! :)

Monday, February 11, 2008

What a relief

I dont think I have talked about to much on here, but I have Fibromyalgia. IF you never heard of it, be GLAD!! If you have it or someone you know has it, Im very sorry. My reason for bringing it up today is because I have been going to,helping and then running a FM support group in my area for about 10 years or so. I think, time flies when your having fun! LoL. Fibro and CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) plus about 100s of other types of things are all "under" the Arthritis Foundation. They sponser support groups, get info out there, raise money and awareness, that sort of thing. Well, this group has never been a big one, but there are some of us regulars and we often get new people come that we feel we can help out, so we just keep going no matter if its just us few or 10 others. Well, the Arthrits Foundation thinks we should have MORE education, which basically means more speakers, and they just do NOT provide them for Fibro. They have lots of Drs and things for other types of arthrits, but not us. It is very hard to get someone to know, speak, teach or heal. So, we have decided today to split ways. My coleader and I will most likely continue to have a meeting once a month some where, weather it be a restaurant of parking lot or fast food joint! Lol We can keep some of the regulars and ourselves and not have anyone left to answer to but ourselves. This has been a long time coming, but now that it has happened, I feel like a big weight was lifted off my shoulders. Now, no one will be looking over my shoulder and wondering what Im doing or why Im doing it. Anyway, we actually have our meeting tonight, so we can discuss and decide what we will do for next month. If only ONE person shows up, then so be it. We are pretty much all friends now anyway! lol
IF you would like any information about this go here

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Weekend and stuff

Well, I was very busy on Friday getting ready to go away for my weekend crop and also for the Home party show on Sunday. Whew....I was tired by the time I got to camp on Friday night! lol

I didnt even take lots of pics. I usually do, even if I never use them, I like to see where Ive been! lol I left then on Sat. night to come home so me and my bunkmates could get some sleep. Apparently I snore VERY loudly!! It was sooo hot and dry there, I dont think that helped any, plus I was trying to get a cold.

Sundays Home Party Show went pretty good. All the planning and worrying and doing and all of a sudden it was here. There were LOTS of people!!! I couldnt beleive ALL the people! Lol

My friend Sandy helped me man the stand and we handed out lots of Free older catalogs, my business card with a little 1x1 stamp and another paper with my info and CTMH mission on it. SO, my name and CTMHs products are out there. People really loved the free IdeaBOoks!!! Everyone likes free stuff, especially something you can really use!

I have some people interested in doing some sort of workshop, so that will be next on my list. I have been sick most of this week. My ears and head hurt SO bad on Monday, I didnt do anything. Its getting better though every day.

This is just a small photo of my table at the Home Party show.