Sunday, April 20, 2008

"Family Sunday"

Family Sunday? Hmmm, ever heard of it? It may be a rarity in your house as it was ours. SO, we decided that starting today, NO computers from after breakfast till the end of the day! That may not sound like a big deal to you, but to us it is! My husband is usually on his laptop in the living room on the sofa and I am in another room on my desktop. Sometimes my dd would be outside, or upstairs or here with me on her computer! Yes we are lucky to have that many too! We had our own computer business for about 8 years, so it was kind of a necessity and most are old. Anyway, back to our Sunday. So, what do we do? We want to get a new sofa, so we went and looked at some today. Since is was nice out and NOT raining like it was supposed to be doing, we packed up some drinks and snacks and stopped for some subs and went up to our local Wildlife Perserve called Middlecreek (Project 70) to some of us. When we picked our spot, got our sandwiches out and started eating, it started to pour! lol but, it was ok, we quickly got back to the car and finished eating and by then it was done raining. So we drove around and looked for birds. Kim decided she wanted to ride her bike up there so she did that while we drove slowly behind her on the trail road. We came home and took a break then decided to watch a movie. One of our local libraries had their Big Book sale this past weekend and I bought a bunch of VCR movies for like 50 cents!! Cant beat that. Well, we watched Raiders of the Lost Ark!!!! Indiana Jones. WOW, what a riot that was! I didn't remember being that funny, but it certainly had its parts! With the "new" one coming out, I wanted to show my dd WHO Indy was!!! She really liked it. Maybe I should go on a hunt for the rest of them? Hmmm......
All in all, I think our first family Sunday went pretty well! We figured we have all week and every other night to do whatever and ignore each other! lol At least ONE day should be spent together. We used to do this all the time, I'm not sure how we let slip away.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

You Must check this out

Ok, so HOW many of you have seen the 'funny' guy dance on Youtube???? You know the one, that goes through a whole bunch of different music and dance moves in like SIX minutes. Well, it came in my email again today and of course I HAD to go watch it again! lol Its great!!!! SO, did you know his name? That he has a Myspace page? That he is an inspirational comedian?? Huh! Well, NOW you will know, because I have been checking out his pages and what not for the last hour or something! I have totally enjoyed it all to! :) Hopefully you will too.
First, his name is Judson Laipply. I visited his website and he of course has the dance evolution on it, but he also has parts from the speeches he gives. AWESOME!!! Im sure Jud will never come to my neck of the woods here in PA, but even IF he put a video out with his speech on it, it would be great!! SO many things rang true. WOW.
Here is just one of his sites. You can find the myspace one just by putting in his name.

Well, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Bitter Sweet Story

Well, this reminds me of a few months ago when I was giving like 1/2 my garfield collection away to a great friend and then later having to pack it all away and take it to storage. Its sad, but its the right thing to do.
I have a 55 gallon fish tank, stand and only 2 poor fishes left. A really BIG what I call chocolate pleco and a big silver dollar. Yup, thats it!! Two fish in a 55!!! lol Pretty lame. Well, anyway, I just can NOT and have not taken care of it. It (among other things) is very hard for me to do. So it has been neglected. I get upset, pissed off, angry and saddened once in a while and do something, but its not enough. The filters really need cleaned and the pads changed, but that is major cleaning work. I bought some new filter pads and that is as far as I got. Family to help? HA! They are busy, or NOT, but they don't want to mess with it either. I just don't want to watch the fish die. They still might with a move, but at least I wont know! Wont really be my fault for letting it get so bad either. The algae is terrible too. UGH! :( :( very sad.
The other part of it that is sad.....Greg bought me this tank & stand from a neighbor YEARS ago when we first got together! We lived in a SMALL 1 bedroom, efficiency apartment. I worked across the parking lot in a grocery store. Our neighbor was selling his tank and fish and all of it. I was drooling! He even had angel fish, wish I also loved at that time. We really shouldn't buy it....we really do NOT have any room for it, its HUGE!!!! Well, anyway, I came home from work and they had moved it and had it all set up by the time I got there!!! What a surprise. SO, that part is hard too. But, I know, we know it is for the best! PLUS, we will gain a WHOLE other wall!!!! lol I still have like a 20 gallon long or high or something weird like that downstairs. But, I think for a while now, NO more fish tanks!!!!! Sounds like the people taking are really excited! Oh, that's another thing....I'm giving it and fish away! We tried to sell it a while ago and it was either too big or too old. No one really wanted it I guess. SO, why not give to someone who needs it, wants it?!?!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Spring has Sprung!!

Well, at least it is trying to. It got really nice today, like 70 degrees. I even went out this afternoon/evening and did some yard work! Holy cow. lol My hubby and daughter went away, so I didnt have to make supper or be on a schedule tonight. I went out and cleaned some things up, feed the birds, looked to see what was growing already. WOW. I will probably pay for the work I did tomorrow, but I was 1/2 enjoying myself tonight! I have a few things coming up that I cant remember what they are! lol But, thats half the fun of planting, isnt it? I know must of it, there are just a few spots Im not so sure about.

Since it DID get so warm and sunny/HOT today.....I cant wait to get my hair chopped OFF!! lol If anyone knew me before, I have had really short punky type hair for a long time. Well, now I have a daughter and she wanted to do girly things with hair so I started growing mine. She got hers CUT! lol Oh well!!! lol But, I have left mine grow and decided to get at least the 10 inches needed for Locks of Love. What a COOL idea!!!!! I should have about 11 now, so I am happy with that. I figured I would get it cut by summer time, because I will NOT be able to stand it so thick and long and HOT. I also cant take such good care of it anymore either. I hope to make someone happy with it.

I can NOT wait till Sat! I have an all day crop to go to and its NEW!!!!! I hope/think I will be the only CTMH person there. This is one my friend found in the paper (well actually her hubby!) and its for Tiny Miracles---premie babies and such. Raising money for that organizatioN!!!!! We like that too! :)