Saturday, July 28, 2007


Well, in case you cant tell by the title of todays post, I went to the Creating Keepsakes Convention here in Valley Forge, PA today. This was my first time and Im sure will not be the last! My friend and I had a great time. There were WAY TOO many people though. Everyone had told me it would be crowded, but WOW. You could barely move and then you almost always bumped into someone and all of us had these BIG bags on our shoulders to carry our "stuff"! lol THEN, you got to stand in a long line to pay for your goodies. There was a Dollar Scrapbook Store there.....we had to stand in line to SHOP! Yes, thats right!!! There was NO room to move, so you stood in line, looked as you moved around the bend and up the next aisle and to the register to pay! What a hoot. We didnt take any classes (maybe NEXT year), I didnt see anyone famous, but I did see a bunch of people I knew. That was funny. ALL those people and Im running into friends and scrappers I met at crops! lol Unless I missed something, I didnt come home with any freebies and even the make 'n' takes for most companies cost money! NOT that you could even get to those. My friend decided that next year, it would be worth taking OFF on Friday and going!!! Less crowded. We heard some vendors saying it was really quiet then. Unless you spent like at least $50 at ONE stand, there really wasnt any bargins either. Which I couldnt do either. Most of the items were normal everyday things at normal everyday prices. There were a few unique stands and some different things that you wouldnt see in your local ACmoore or Michaels. I got a few nice things that Im happy with, had a great day with my friend and know better what NOT to do next year!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

My Week!!!

Oh my! SO I went away to a crop and had a great time with a bunch of friends. Came home a little early on Sunday. I was supposed to go see the Harry Potter movie. Ended up not feeling so great for 2 days!! THEN these last 2 havent been so great either. Found out I had a DR appt today that I totally forgot about (THank God they called the day before to remind ME!). Went to go to appt. today, and got LOST!!! Yes, Lost on the way to a Dr I only go see like once a year. Duh me. I didnt even have his phone #. I had to call my hubby, get the number, call for directions and see IF I should still come because I was SO late! Geez. Finally got all that done. Came home, then dd had a Dr. appt at 2, then we went to the grocery store. I barely made it throught the store I started to feel really bad again. THEN, on the way home it started POURING SO BAD!!!!!! Our food was soaking wet before we could even get it in the house. Then of course like 5 mins STOPPED raining! Lol Go figure.
Oh, yeah, and we went to see Harry Potter last night. It was not all that great. I dont know IF its just me or what, but I have SO much trouble hearing and understanding the talking in these movies. Then, I kid you NOT, there was someone towards the front of the thearte that MUST have had a walkman/mp3 player ON and I could hear it!!!! When the movie was kinda first I thought I was hearing things! lol Also, they were like the most UNcomfortable seats. UGH>
OK, Im done now. :)

Monday, July 16, 2007

Im Back!!!!

Well, even though I really didnt say Goodbye, I figured I would say Hello and that Im back from my fun and relaxing weekend crop!!! I was not far from home but that is ok. I left Friday before supper and didnt come back till Sunday afternoon. I am not feeling so great so I dont know what happened. TOO much fun I guess! Lol I met a bunch of new wonderful people and got to see a few old friends too. Yes, I actually DID get some pages done too! Lol I did not go shopping at all this weekend either! WOW. I really dont "need" anything (not that that has ever stopped me before). But, I am trying to behave. It is storming here now and I am still very tired from my weekend, so I think I will go hit the hay.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Yesterdays FUN!!

Ok, so, IF you dont like medical stuff and/or NOT read this!!!!!! lol
I HATE feet!!!! Mine, his, yours, doesnt matter. SO, for a while now (like at least a MONTH) I have had these 2 little pimple/bump type things on the bottom of my right foot. One on the heel and 1 like middle toward the toes. I decided they were NOT going to go away on their own. So after looking things up and trying different things, up to and including IGNORING it....I decided I HAD to go to the DR. SO, yesterday (Tuesday) I go. They were WARTS!! UGH...gross. I Never had one of those anywhere and dont think I wanted them ON my FOOT!!! SO, the nurse/dr lady tells me, I will have to make an appt. to come back when there is time and get them FROZEN OFF! UGH WHAT??? This doest NOT sound like fun! lol Then she comes back in and tells me that she has time NOW, did I want to do it. NO, NOT really, but I did. Well, that part was NOT so bad. It was uncomfortable, a little weird and a LOT cold!! I walked out, drove home and then sat on the sofa. At first it didnt feel too bad, but later it was like throbing and jabbing. WELLLLLL, let me tell YOU something....a few hours later I could NOT WALK ON MY FOOT!!!!!!! I had SOOO much PAIN I could NOT beleive it. Geeezzz, what the heck. It hurt worse then it did BEFORE I went to the DR! I felt like there was something jabbing me in those spots (the heel one was not as bad) and my foot was swollen(at the toes) and on HOT too!!! Nothing we had here seemed to help, and none of us knew what to do. I called my bestest gf who is a nurse and said HELP!!! IT hurts! lol SO, I took a pain pill, put some "magic stuff" on it and started to feel a tad better. Then before bed, I put some ice on it too. I CRAWLED, yes crawled to bed!! UP the stairs and into the bed!!! OH, yeah, did I forget to tell you......when I TRIED to stand up earlier and I was in SO much pain and crying, my dd went downstairs and got the CRUTCHES? LOL I had never in my life even Used a crutch, so that didnt do me much good either! lol What a mess. I could not beleive this. SO, Im thinking.....did the lady do something weird or wrong? Am "I" just a wuss? lol She did tell me that in a sense she was giving me Frostbite, so, maybe that just HURTS. I also have the fibro and we are MORE sensitive to nerve ends and the pain, so maybe that too. I felt so stupid. It was only a wart for petes sake. lol
SO, that was my adventure yesterday! I woke up at 4am and it wasnt so bad, and now that this day is about over, its getting better. I can almost walk normal again.
OK, Im done with icky stories now.