Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Summer is BUSY!

OK, so I missed posting for a while. The final days of VBS, I was REALLLLY tired and sore and just wanting to get through it. I LOVE doing it, but by the end of the week, Im DONE for. :)

Sat. I was away all day and also on Sunday.

Anyone know what a SWARM is?? If you have a cricut, you might know. Its actually just like a crop but with people that have Cricuts! lol I went to my first one in York, PA this past weekend. It was fun. Here is a picture of our group.

Sunday we went to a BIG church RODEO!!! lol Yes, I said rodeo. This church is huge on doing stuff with and for the community. SO, to kick off THEIR VBS, they had a rodeo all day on Sunday. It was HOT HOT HOT, but fun to see and I know the kids all had a great time.

This is just a general photo of the "ring"!! They had face painting, games, music and of course FOOD stands too!

In reply to "First Fibromyalgia Drug Approved"

This is in reply to the FDA announcement from my Fibrohugs Newsletter and what some of them had to say.
Original Newsletter:Hi there my friends,As disclosed in every newsletter that I put out, here is an example why I have a disclaimer! My disclaimer has always been something to this affect - "Fibrohugs does not necessarily agree with, or endorse, the contents of articles written by others but choose to send them to you so that you can make up your own mind".Although I neither agree nor disagree about the beneficial use of this drug, I guess as I read the article below I found it very ironic when I got to the "Safety Warnings" about this drug. Here is what it says:............Safety: The most common side effects of Lyrica include dizziness and sleepiness, blurry vision, weight gain, trouble concentrating, swelling of the hands and feet, and dry mouth. Allergic reactions can also occur. These are rare, but potentially serious. FDA advises patients to talk with their doctors about whether using Lyrica will impair their ability to drive.............Is it just me or are the side effects from this drug listed above the type of symptoms we're trying to get rid of? Oh well, I guess someone needed a reason to come up with the phrase "Oxymoron" LOLThanks for letting me throw in my personal 2 cents worth and, remember, that's exactly what it's worth. You draw your own conclusions.

1. They don't mention the severe GI affects it had on myself and a friend of mine! LM
2. Hi and my two cents worth is the same I have already been on this drug and am now being taken off even as we speak. I had all the side affects and I think double!LOL :) any hoo ! My two cents, Thanks , for all you do. Dar
3. Yes, when reading about the side effects of lyrica, my excitement immediately was gone. Why would anyone take a drug that has the same side effects that the drug is to be used for. How would anyone know if it helped or not? Guess some must have been helped a lot, so any information sent out could be worthwhile. Also, though, it seems like this drug works very similiarly to Neurontin. wonder if one could safely tak both at the same time. Neurontin definitely helps me. with the pain, but not with fatigue or sleepiness. DM
4. Hey.... Lyrica IS helpful!!!! For the first time in many years I can actually TOUCH the inside of my knees without excruciating pain after taking it for about 3 months. I actually have MORE energy and do not experience the mentioned side effects. My neck and shoulder pain is less also and for ME it is the ONLY significant pain relief I've found without strong doses of narcotic pain killers. Don't knock it until you have tried it!!!!!! OM
5. I have actually tried this drug before and I couldn't tell it helped me at all. LS
6. After discussing with a few chronic pain specialists, and investigating this drug, the side effects far outweigh any benefits for Fibromyalgia as far as I'm concerned. I have lived with Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue for 17 years, read and been examined by many, so the hype on this drug is just that...hype...I am truly hopeful that the CAUSE of this syndrome is discovered rather than hearing about so many cures. I for one will not jump on this band wagon. Thank you for your imput as well. A B
7. Hi, I tried Lyrica over a year ago and it was not helpful. Just when I was thinking I was going crazy, tonight you and another person sent me information that confirmed how I have been feeling. Not being able to get out of bed, chronic pain and feeling like a wimp. JH
8. Hi Ken, I agree with you... Its amazing to me how this drug did not cause the people that tested this drug many of the side effects listed, since its known that we are very sensitive to almost everything. Maybe it depends on how intense someone with fibro has it. I know years ago that I was hardly sensitive to anything. That changed drastically over the years. Anyway, I am really shocked that this drug is the first to be approved for fibromyalgia. There was another one in clinical trials for years, I think its Minalciprin. Its used in some other countries and the reports read good results and if I recall correctly it did not have a severe list of side effects like lyrica does. I guess its still stuck in clinical trial land.I was given lyrica by a Dr. late 2005 and still have the samples. I was scared after reading the list of effects especially about the rash. But I did try one and was so out of my mind, dizzy is an understatement. I woke up feeling like I had 10 days worth of a hangover, I bit my tongue in my sleep(never did that) and that one pill took close to 24 hrs to wear off. It was such a scary feeling.Thats why I am surprised this was not reported enough to approve this drug. Well, take care! AJ
9. Please, Please, Please, Please....if you are at all sensitive to medications like I am, DON'T try Lyrica!!!!!!!! 2 doses, 2 itty-bitty pills, caused me such stomach & intestinal pain & distress that I ended up in the hospital for five (5) days. It also caused my blood chemistry to go awry. I realize I am a barriatric patient from 2001, and supposedly this new drug effects nerve pain. Instead, it caused all sorts of problems for me & I ended up being taken from work by ambulance & was on IV fluids & IV food for 3 of the 5 days, & stayed on IV fluid for the other 2 days for pain which the Lyrica caused. Another drug they have been talking about for Fibro is Neurontin, & for me, it caused hallucinations & the impression I was drunk or psychotic! When I saw what the "new" Fibro drug was, I just had to say something. CW
10. I tried this medication as I have so many others over the years and all I did was sleep--It was awful-Just some insight on what it did to me-- Lenghth of treatment was about 1 month and discontinued. LEA11. Hi I totally agree I just seen my doc and felt too awful to bring it up but I will. I'm glad I wasn't the only one wondering this Gayla

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Great News for people with Fibromyalgia

I have not gotten into my health much yet. I have whats called Fibromyalgia. IF you never heard of it, consider yourself lucky. If you have, I am sorry and will give you lots of soft interent (((hugs))).
BUT, today we had a break thru.....The FDA approved a drug for FM. It was already used for another illness, so I guess in a way that was good and easier to get it done. Studies show that it helps some so we shall see. I am SO hoping and PRAYING that the side effects are NOT worse then the condition. I will NOT be running right out to get this NEW drug, but will keep up with it and see how it goes. I can NOT imagine having something that might actually HELP me and millions of others too!
If I do this right, hopefully the link will show here!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Happy AND sad

This day was sort of happy and sad at the same time. As I mentioned, my friend that I met through going to the garfield conventions came to see me today. Some who know me, know that I LOVE garfield. Well, I have a WHOLE room of him downstairs in the basement. We have had a few floods in the past year plus and I have been trying to go thru my things and even got rid of some last year! OH NO!!! I decided that I could possible live without some paper products and plastic stuff. So, anyway, I have been very slowly trying to pack up the rest of it so it can go into storage and we can DO something with this horrible mold infested gross room!!! Yuck.
Anyway, since my friend was here today, I decided to to give her a bunch of things. I was SAD to see my stuff go, but it was even sadder to see what the dampness and MOLD was doing down there. It is soooo bad and getting worse the longer it is left. SO, I KNOW she will love and care for my precious garfields, and therefore was happy to give them to her!! We started by just looking at my mugs. I had 2 cd case shelves of them. I looked through alot more of my stuff and she left at supper time with a bunch of stuff! We were joking that it was good she brought the SUV!!!!! lol I know she felt bad for taking my stuff, BUT, I also know that she understood what it meant for me to give it to her. TO see my things possibly getting ruined down there and/or as I am packing this ALL away into bins and going to storage....It is very depressing, to say the least.
SO.....She is a very happy camper, I feel better knowing my garfields went to a loving home...PLUS, I have LESS to pack up and store now too!!! LOL
TODAY IS GARFIELDS BIRTHDAY TOO!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY 29th Birthday Garfield!!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Quick note

OK, so I lived through this Monday. First day of VBS. lol It was great as usual. I actually have less kids then I thought I would...only 9. Its a nice bunch.
My friend is coming tomorrow to visit, and we will do lunch. I can NOT wait. DD enjoyed her first day of tech day camp too.
I am bushed....nothing else exciting. Going to bed!!!!
More later.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Sunday Evening

The end of another weekend is upon us. Did you have a good one? A nice Fathers day? Are you ready for Monday? YUCK....who is ever ready for Monday? lol This week coming up will be a very busy week for us. We start Vacation bible school. VBS for short. Ours is in the morning, which most places around here do not do. It works better for some things and is more difficult for others. We usually have a nice crowd of children and a great bunch of helpers! I am teaching 2nd graders again this year!! HA! They are fun, but they wore me OUT 2 years ago. Our theme is Son Force. Its like a spy/secret agent theme. Kinda cool.
I did finish the Fathers day card for my husband. I took a picture, but havent messed with trying to figure out HOW exactly to post it on here yet! I think I used about every CTMH alphabet set I had! It turned out nice.
My daughter is going to a career type camp this week too. She will be gone most of the day. It is at the Votech and she will learn all kinds of things. I hope she will have fun. The give them snacks and lunch and a tshirt too!!!
I will let you know tomorrow how everything went.
OH, and Tuesday, one of my friends is coming to visit me!!!!! She is just coming to visit for the day, but that OK!! I can NOT wait to see her, catch up and have some lunch!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Not much going on

Hey, Ok, Not much going on today. We went out for breakfast at Shady maple Smorgasborg today for Fathers day since that is what hubby wanted and they are closed on Sundays. Then we were TOO full to do anything else! lol Went for a ride in the Jeep since it was soo nice out, took a few pictures and came home. I was working on a Fathers day card for my husband....YES, if you learn Nothing else about me...Learn that I almost ALWAYS wait until the last minute!
I have been trying to add some things and some friends' blog pages to MY page and I just found out that this one called "The Wooden Porch" is even having a CONTEST!!! Im sure YOU would love to enter too, so please click on this link to do so
Now, I should be off again to go finish the card I started! If I actually finish it, and remember to talk a picture...I will TRY to figure out HOW to put the picture on here! I have been playing with all the new inks and stamps from Close to my Heart! I love this stuff!!!!!


Friday, June 15, 2007

Starting today

Starting today FINALLY! I have been thinking about doing this blog for about a week now. I have done some bloggin' on different sites, but nothing constent. Lets see how well I can keep up with this one!
So, School is OUT....Summer is HERE....and we are doing just fine so far.