Sunday, May 18, 2008

YUM-Lobster (WHOLE)!!

So, we all went out last night for our belated Mothers day dinner. We went to the CrabBarn in Reading, PA. Mom & I wanted seafood!!! YUM My hubby will eat some and my daughter wont touch it. lol But they have land food too. Mom wanted to start off with some steamed clams. Do you know how long its been since Ive had those? Probably like 20+ years! She asked if I would eat any, and I said, I guess! lol I think I like them!! Greg even ate some!! So Im hungry and could probalby eat just about anything and everything on that menu, but I really LOVE lobster tail and you dont get that too often. So I asked what the price was. The waiter informed me that they have a special on a WHOLE lobster for like $35. Ive never had a whole one before. What do I do with it? lol He said he would help. Ok, twist my arm. So when it finally comes out (they were VERY busy) then I had to sit and stare at it because I didnt have a "cracker" and also had NO clue what to do with it. So, when he finally came back (he was trying to catch up) he showed me what to do and what all I could eat. Oh my goodness was it DELICIOUS!!!! I have never had anything that tasted so sweet and sooooo good!!! Mom even liked (yes I shared). The clams were really good too. Then I had these yummy sweet potatoes rounds with cinnamon/sugar and syrupy stuff on. I didnt need any dessert! lol None of us did. We were SO full! So it was a million dollars, so only live once right?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mothers Day

It was sort of a quiet Mothers Day Sunday around here. Which is fine with me! We will do dinner with my mom next week because of schedules and such. I was to STAY in bed. My dd loves to make something and serve it to me in bed! No problem with that!! lol Then I came down and they ate and I had a little something with them too. Later we went to Long John Silvers!! YUM. I dont get to go there very often, so that was cool. On the way was the interesting part though. I was driving and started wondering where in the world ALL these people came from?! And WHAT were they doing there? I forgot.....The Make a Wish foundation Mothers day TRUCK run!! I have heard about it for years and the local country station is usually around some where too, but I have never saw it. I am not saying its not important or a big thing, but I never really wanted to go see it. Its trucks, big deal, right? WELL, let me tell you something....It WAS a BIG deal!!!! I could NOT imagine all the people there to support it and ALL the trucks that were there too. WOW!!!!! I have no idea if this is done in other places/states, but if it is, you should go if you never have. So, here I am driving down one side of our highway, and ALLLLLL these people are everywhere.....bridges, both sides and in the middle too!!! Im sure there was over a 100 trucks, maybe more. Fire trucks, big trucks, double trucks, Even garbage trucks! With lights and sirens and everyone was waving them on!!!! How cool is that? VERY COOL. I must be getting old or something, it even brought tears to my eyes. Just that that many people (watching and truckers) would be there.
The other part of our big day.....we went to Lowe's to look at new stoves and dish washers! lol Boy, some new stuff is built pretty crappy! We need to keep looking though!!! We are working on furniture and this stuff. Its time to spend some money we don't really have, but need to spend on this stuff. Ya Know?

Thursday, May 8, 2008


WOW, I have NOT posted forever. I have looked, and I have thought about what I wanted to post, but never got TO post! lol
First, I have lots of art work and stuff to share. I need to take pictures and then you all will probably get tired of seeing it! Cards, cards and more cards. With my uplines meetings and a stamp of the month swap, I have LOTS to share!!!!
I have many events coming up to this month. Every Sat. in May I have something to do that is stamp/card/scrapbook related. I cant wait!!! With my last weekend being away for the whole weekend up in the mountains for a retreat!
We also just upgraded our Direct TV and I got that DVR thing too!!! Lol Yeah, I know, we are WAY behind....but that's ok. I, well none of us really wanted to spend the money. But, for a few dollars more a month and all new free equipment, why not. I was getting VERY VERY tired of watching Disney and Nick every night and having really nothing else to watch.
TESTS... Well, Kimberly has been complaining of a pain, not really in her stomach, but above, so I took her to the Dr. the other day and we had to take her for a few tests to see whats up. She is only 14, but the doc was thinking maybe gallbladder?!?! Not sure about that. There are no other signs, but there aren't for anything else there either. We shall see. SO, since SHE had to go for blood work early in the morning and NO eating or drinking for the ultrasound, I had been hoarding blood test orders for MONTHS too and decided to get them done. We just got this whole new awesome building built that you can get all your testing done in one place at one time. Then we all went out for breakfast! lol Food is always a good thing!
ALSO, for those that I actually speak or might know, that I have been having terrible headaches for like a month now. I went to the Dr. the other week and had HIGH bp!! ME, geez, go figure?!? lol SO, got some pills and today went back after almost 2 weeks and it has come down. Whew. SO, now I guess I get to take ANOTHER pill every dang day! BUT, I am MORE so hoping that MY headaches GO AWAY and STAY away. They have NOT yet GONE all together.
We also seem to be having some issues with Kimberly at school and her lying and different things. I hope this stops real soon!!!!
I'm gonna call it a day now, but wanted to update some here anyway.
Hopefully SOON I WILL put some pictures up.