Sunday, December 23, 2007

Simple Pleasures

Yes, Simple pleasures. Thats what I had last night. My hubby and dd went away for some last minute gift and food shopping and I stayed myself and took a break! SO, I turned on the tv ( I read and am on the computer ALL the time) so watching tv is different for me. I found an Ice skating special. I think it was Brain Boytano?(sp) SO, I turned it on and he was just starting to skate a new routine and it was country. The song was an old one from Sonny & Cher! lol Then he continued with another newer upbeat song (CottonEyedJoe!) That used to be a very popular country line dance song and really MOVES!!! When he was done and the next person was introduced, they were going to skate to Barry Manilow singing LIVE right there with them!!! OMG!! He is my all time favorite too!!! I LOVE Barry! Well, it was not just that one song, he sang a bunch more for the next hour for a bunch of different skaters. PLUS, then Dorothy Hamill was skating too. I used to love her to when I was growing up. Heck, we even had hair cuts like hers!!! lol SO, to see her skate again and to Barry singing, it was AWESOME!!!
It was great to that NO one was home to pick on my OR my skating OR Barry singing! I had a great hour!
THEN, of course it was over, family came home, and back to reality!! lol

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Ready? or NOT??

Ready or NOT?

( Im cheating on this today...I just posted THIS all on MySpace page!) COpied it over here too.

Well, I see by the count down that Christmas is only 9, yes NINE days away!!! WOW. Most of this month it hasnt even FELT like winter or DECEMBER! At least NOT here in PA!!
Ready or not, its coming. Are YOU ready? We are just about there. Most of the gifts are bought and done and we just got the cards done and ready to go out this weekend. Whew.........
Might pick up a few more small things for stockings and candy and stuff like that. We ordered something else the other night too that should be here soon. Then, My big thing is wrapping! UGH....I really do NOT like to do it and we ALWAYS wait till the LAST minute. We are usually UP late Christmas Eve wrapping and playing and doing the whole santas elf thing! Lol But, all the money and work IS worth it to see my daughters excitement and faces and FUN on Christmas day! :)

BUT, I also was productive THIS weekend. I got all the candles done, bagged and tagged and hubby delivered them on Sat. since he had to go in to work for a bit. Then we all sat down and did our Christmas cards yesterday too! Yipppie. I am gonna try to put a picture here of the candles.

I think in all we made about 15!!! Then I bought the glass holders and then wrapped it in tissue paper and put each one in its own little gift bag. It worked out pretty cute. AND, my daughter got to help!!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Yucky weather day

Well, the weather is horrible here today. Not sure if it will get worse, like its supposed to or not. The schools closed early and the children are home.
I think I am going to go try to make some gifts that I really NEED to get done soon!! Then tonight hopefully we will do our cards and get them sent out. Then, I will be pretty much caught up. We dont really have much to buy yet. Im done no matter what! lol No more time soon and no money will help that right along.
OK, off to be productive.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Catch up!!!

HEY, guess I should fill the last however long in! We are still trying to get the old car Buick fixed...theres a list. Also, trying (wanting) to sell the Jeep so we can buy the van. We went away for thanksgiving and we borrowed the van to go. It was very nice! Comfortable, nice ride, lots of room too. Guess a van isnt soo bad. I feel terrible though...."I" HAVE to have a new car, so we have to sell the jeep. I think everyone is bummin. Its not comfortable for any of us, its not a family car, and we just can NOT keep fixing it. Unfortuntaly we dont even go in the woods to 4wheel anymore either. BUT, I still feel bad.

Tried to get some christmas decorating done this past weekend. That usually doesnt go well either. A LOT of things right now are not going right for me. Im a problem! Between my pain and trying to do things and NOT being able to do things and REALLLLY wanting to do things, I struggle. SO, I nag hubby to bring up the decorations, then I need to DO it. The only problem with that is, you must UNDO everything and clean up before you can DO the decorating! lol Here lays the problem. TOO much work. I know I should and DO do it in sections...or a little at a time. That is the only way I CAN do it. It will get there.

Do you ever feel that you dont appreciate what you have? I have been thinking that a BUNCH lately. There are things I want and maybe even need, but I already HAVE sooo much that I am not grateful for it seems. I have a car, but I need a better one, a newer one, just Because I WANT one.....that doesnt sound nice. Sometimes I just need to step back and breathe and appreciate what I already Have. Its hard to do that sometimes I think. I mean everyone always wants something else or more, no matter what we have.

OK, enough pity party. I gotta go make supper and do something!!!