Monday, November 10, 2008

Just Finished "A Page Out of Life"

So, this was one of our gifts at the Fiskateers event. Kathleen Reid the author of A Page Out of Life came and talked to us, shared about her book and then gave EVERYONE a copy!!!!! With going away this past weekend, I didnt get to read as much as I wanted to, but finally did get to finish it today. Did I like it? YES! Now, I will have to hope and wait for another one! This isnt just another scrapbooking book, this is about a bunch of woman who meet to sb and help each other out with not only their pages and art, but their LIVES! Its amazing how it all kept going. WOW! It was a nice read and I enjoyed it alot and am SO glad that I got to meet Kathleen.

Thank you

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Fiska-WHAT? you may ask. Well, if you do any crafts at all you probably know the company Fiskars. Right? A few years ago they started something called Fiskateers. You go to a website, sign up and have a BLAST! lol No, really. You meet lots of cool people, sometimes get free stuff, share your projects and NOW, a bunch of us got to meet!!! There are like 4 Fiskafriendzys that will happen and ours was right here in Hershey, PA!! Chocolate and scrapbooking, How COOOL!!
SO, besides meeting a bunch of great people, and getting a TON of coooool great products, and some chocolate of course, we also had a author of a new scrapbooking book, and we ALL got one!! It was such a great day. Did I get any work done? Well, not so much, but thats OK! lol I meet lots of nice women, had a great time, played with Fiskars products, ate chocolate and came home with a load of stuff I didnt have when I left in the morning! Lol
ANYWAY, go check it out.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ribbons from Fair

Well, I keep taking pictures and wanting to write things here and then just never do. BUT, since I entered two cards in our local fair (Denver, PA) I just had to share my ribbons. This was the first time for me to enter so imagine my surprise when they both won!! They have had a scrapbooking catagory for a while now, but I dont know when they added the card catagory.

Anyway, I havent scrapbooked in soooo long, but I have been making cards, so I decided, what did I have to lose. Anyway, here they are. A first & second place!!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

WOW, what a day!!!

OK, so its the FIRST Day OF School around here. We got through that. It also then means back to work for me ( Im a crossing guard) no big deal there either.
My BIG order of all new CTMH stuff comes, hubby comes home, big deal. THEN, my daughter was outside and said that the neighbors dishwasher was ON FIRE. OMG>...Im running out of the house wondering what the heck shes talking about, my friend (the neighbor) is outside all upset, her hubby comes to the door and says "Its Out"! Its ok!! Oh my gosh!!!!!
SO, she was home, making dinner and running the dishwasher and he had just walked in with their son when sparks and fire were flying out of their dishwasher!!! She didnt know what to do, called 911, grabbed a cat and ran outside!! Thats when my dd had come to get me. WOW. SO, of course the WHOLE entire town was here then. The police car, the fire guy, then TWO fire trucks!! Must of been a boring night in Denver! lol Luckily we live real close by too. SO, everything and everyone is Ok. The dishwasher is OUT for the trash or Insurance people or whatever. When they brought it out and we looked inside the dishwasher to the start of the fire, it was SCARY!!! Just glad them and their house and their animals were all ok. Scary thing.
NOW, its bedtime!!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Cell Phone stuff

I just have to say, the stuff I thought I would never use on a cellphone!! SO, a few months ago you may remember I mentioned that I finally switched carriers. I went with AT&T and got a new phone. Well, most of them now have cameras. No biggy. I figure I will never use it, but its there. Well, let me tell you what IS the coooolest thing ON my cellphone now? Yup, that camera. NOT because it takes great pics, (heck, I cant even get them OFF the phone!) BUT, there is this feature called picture caller ID!!!!! HOW cool is that? Well, if you cant always SEE the name and/or the number that comes, you should be able to see the picture ON the screen!! So, at least for the people I talk to more often I take a picture and put it with their phone number, so when they call, THEIR picture comes up!!!! I really love it! lol And apparently I am not the only one. Do you know how many people have taken MY picture lately for the same reason?

Kimberlys bday is coming very SOON!!!! I am also counting the days till FL!!!! TEN TEN TEN!!!!!

Monday, June 23, 2008

CTMH convention

Well, I waited for THE last minute/day/second, but, Im going to FL for the CTMH convention!!!! I can NOT believe it! I have only been begging, pleading, losing sleep over this for MONTHS. Alot of my group is going and some people on line that I would love to meet and I KNOW I will learn alot and see a lot and I just couldnt let it go. I am scared to ---well almost scared to death to fly----but someone will be with me! That may not know they may need to hold my hand yet though!! lol EEEK I just KNOW this is gonna be SO worth it. How could you not learn something for days there with business stuff, creat-n-takes and a whole bunch of other consultants? WOW. Plus of course we get to see ALL the NEW product & catalog for Sept!!!! That is just the cream on top!

I KNOW I have not posted here in a long time. I have pics and ideas and stuff going on, just have NOT done things. I am still having my headaches MOST days and now that summer is here, well its just crazy!!!! Im sure you all are busy too.
HAVE a great summer. Will try to catch up and post more later.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

YUM-Lobster (WHOLE)!!

So, we all went out last night for our belated Mothers day dinner. We went to the CrabBarn in Reading, PA. Mom & I wanted seafood!!! YUM My hubby will eat some and my daughter wont touch it. lol But they have land food too. Mom wanted to start off with some steamed clams. Do you know how long its been since Ive had those? Probably like 20+ years! She asked if I would eat any, and I said, I guess! lol I think I like them!! Greg even ate some!! So Im hungry and could probalby eat just about anything and everything on that menu, but I really LOVE lobster tail and you dont get that too often. So I asked what the price was. The waiter informed me that they have a special on a WHOLE lobster for like $35. Ive never had a whole one before. What do I do with it? lol He said he would help. Ok, twist my arm. So when it finally comes out (they were VERY busy) then I had to sit and stare at it because I didnt have a "cracker" and also had NO clue what to do with it. So, when he finally came back (he was trying to catch up) he showed me what to do and what all I could eat. Oh my goodness was it DELICIOUS!!!! I have never had anything that tasted so sweet and sooooo good!!! Mom even liked (yes I shared). The clams were really good too. Then I had these yummy sweet potatoes rounds with cinnamon/sugar and syrupy stuff on. I didnt need any dessert! lol None of us did. We were SO full! So it was a million dollars, so only live once right?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mothers Day

It was sort of a quiet Mothers Day Sunday around here. Which is fine with me! We will do dinner with my mom next week because of schedules and such. I was to STAY in bed. My dd loves to make something and serve it to me in bed! No problem with that!! lol Then I came down and they ate and I had a little something with them too. Later we went to Long John Silvers!! YUM. I dont get to go there very often, so that was cool. On the way was the interesting part though. I was driving and started wondering where in the world ALL these people came from?! And WHAT were they doing there? I forgot.....The Make a Wish foundation Mothers day TRUCK run!! I have heard about it for years and the local country station is usually around some where too, but I have never saw it. I am not saying its not important or a big thing, but I never really wanted to go see it. Its trucks, big deal, right? WELL, let me tell you something....It WAS a BIG deal!!!! I could NOT imagine all the people there to support it and ALL the trucks that were there too. WOW!!!!! I have no idea if this is done in other places/states, but if it is, you should go if you never have. So, here I am driving down one side of our highway, and ALLLLLL these people are everywhere.....bridges, both sides and in the middle too!!! Im sure there was over a 100 trucks, maybe more. Fire trucks, big trucks, double trucks, Even garbage trucks! With lights and sirens and everyone was waving them on!!!! How cool is that? VERY COOL. I must be getting old or something, it even brought tears to my eyes. Just that that many people (watching and truckers) would be there.
The other part of our big day.....we went to Lowe's to look at new stoves and dish washers! lol Boy, some new stuff is built pretty crappy! We need to keep looking though!!! We are working on furniture and this stuff. Its time to spend some money we don't really have, but need to spend on this stuff. Ya Know?

Thursday, May 8, 2008


WOW, I have NOT posted forever. I have looked, and I have thought about what I wanted to post, but never got TO post! lol
First, I have lots of art work and stuff to share. I need to take pictures and then you all will probably get tired of seeing it! Cards, cards and more cards. With my uplines meetings and a stamp of the month swap, I have LOTS to share!!!!
I have many events coming up to this month. Every Sat. in May I have something to do that is stamp/card/scrapbook related. I cant wait!!! With my last weekend being away for the whole weekend up in the mountains for a retreat!
We also just upgraded our Direct TV and I got that DVR thing too!!! Lol Yeah, I know, we are WAY behind....but that's ok. I, well none of us really wanted to spend the money. But, for a few dollars more a month and all new free equipment, why not. I was getting VERY VERY tired of watching Disney and Nick every night and having really nothing else to watch.
TESTS... Well, Kimberly has been complaining of a pain, not really in her stomach, but above, so I took her to the Dr. the other day and we had to take her for a few tests to see whats up. She is only 14, but the doc was thinking maybe gallbladder?!?! Not sure about that. There are no other signs, but there aren't for anything else there either. We shall see. SO, since SHE had to go for blood work early in the morning and NO eating or drinking for the ultrasound, I had been hoarding blood test orders for MONTHS too and decided to get them done. We just got this whole new awesome building built that you can get all your testing done in one place at one time. Then we all went out for breakfast! lol Food is always a good thing!
ALSO, for those that I actually speak or might know, that I have been having terrible headaches for like a month now. I went to the Dr. the other week and had HIGH bp!! ME, geez, go figure?!? lol SO, got some pills and today went back after almost 2 weeks and it has come down. Whew. SO, now I guess I get to take ANOTHER pill every dang day! BUT, I am MORE so hoping that MY headaches GO AWAY and STAY away. They have NOT yet GONE all together.
We also seem to be having some issues with Kimberly at school and her lying and different things. I hope this stops real soon!!!!
I'm gonna call it a day now, but wanted to update some here anyway.
Hopefully SOON I WILL put some pictures up.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

"Family Sunday"

Family Sunday? Hmmm, ever heard of it? It may be a rarity in your house as it was ours. SO, we decided that starting today, NO computers from after breakfast till the end of the day! That may not sound like a big deal to you, but to us it is! My husband is usually on his laptop in the living room on the sofa and I am in another room on my desktop. Sometimes my dd would be outside, or upstairs or here with me on her computer! Yes we are lucky to have that many too! We had our own computer business for about 8 years, so it was kind of a necessity and most are old. Anyway, back to our Sunday. So, what do we do? We want to get a new sofa, so we went and looked at some today. Since is was nice out and NOT raining like it was supposed to be doing, we packed up some drinks and snacks and stopped for some subs and went up to our local Wildlife Perserve called Middlecreek (Project 70) to some of us. When we picked our spot, got our sandwiches out and started eating, it started to pour! lol but, it was ok, we quickly got back to the car and finished eating and by then it was done raining. So we drove around and looked for birds. Kim decided she wanted to ride her bike up there so she did that while we drove slowly behind her on the trail road. We came home and took a break then decided to watch a movie. One of our local libraries had their Big Book sale this past weekend and I bought a bunch of VCR movies for like 50 cents!! Cant beat that. Well, we watched Raiders of the Lost Ark!!!! Indiana Jones. WOW, what a riot that was! I didn't remember being that funny, but it certainly had its parts! With the "new" one coming out, I wanted to show my dd WHO Indy was!!! She really liked it. Maybe I should go on a hunt for the rest of them? Hmmm......
All in all, I think our first family Sunday went pretty well! We figured we have all week and every other night to do whatever and ignore each other! lol At least ONE day should be spent together. We used to do this all the time, I'm not sure how we let slip away.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

You Must check this out

Ok, so HOW many of you have seen the 'funny' guy dance on Youtube???? You know the one, that goes through a whole bunch of different music and dance moves in like SIX minutes. Well, it came in my email again today and of course I HAD to go watch it again! lol Its great!!!! SO, did you know his name? That he has a Myspace page? That he is an inspirational comedian?? Huh! Well, NOW you will know, because I have been checking out his pages and what not for the last hour or something! I have totally enjoyed it all to! :) Hopefully you will too.
First, his name is Judson Laipply. I visited his website and he of course has the dance evolution on it, but he also has parts from the speeches he gives. AWESOME!!! Im sure Jud will never come to my neck of the woods here in PA, but even IF he put a video out with his speech on it, it would be great!! SO many things rang true. WOW.
Here is just one of his sites. You can find the myspace one just by putting in his name.

Well, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Bitter Sweet Story

Well, this reminds me of a few months ago when I was giving like 1/2 my garfield collection away to a great friend and then later having to pack it all away and take it to storage. Its sad, but its the right thing to do.
I have a 55 gallon fish tank, stand and only 2 poor fishes left. A really BIG what I call chocolate pleco and a big silver dollar. Yup, thats it!! Two fish in a 55!!! lol Pretty lame. Well, anyway, I just can NOT and have not taken care of it. It (among other things) is very hard for me to do. So it has been neglected. I get upset, pissed off, angry and saddened once in a while and do something, but its not enough. The filters really need cleaned and the pads changed, but that is major cleaning work. I bought some new filter pads and that is as far as I got. Family to help? HA! They are busy, or NOT, but they don't want to mess with it either. I just don't want to watch the fish die. They still might with a move, but at least I wont know! Wont really be my fault for letting it get so bad either. The algae is terrible too. UGH! :( :( very sad.
The other part of it that is sad.....Greg bought me this tank & stand from a neighbor YEARS ago when we first got together! We lived in a SMALL 1 bedroom, efficiency apartment. I worked across the parking lot in a grocery store. Our neighbor was selling his tank and fish and all of it. I was drooling! He even had angel fish, wish I also loved at that time. We really shouldn't buy it....we really do NOT have any room for it, its HUGE!!!! Well, anyway, I came home from work and they had moved it and had it all set up by the time I got there!!! What a surprise. SO, that part is hard too. But, I know, we know it is for the best! PLUS, we will gain a WHOLE other wall!!!! lol I still have like a 20 gallon long or high or something weird like that downstairs. But, I think for a while now, NO more fish tanks!!!!! Sounds like the people taking are really excited! Oh, that's another thing....I'm giving it and fish away! We tried to sell it a while ago and it was either too big or too old. No one really wanted it I guess. SO, why not give to someone who needs it, wants it?!?!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Spring has Sprung!!

Well, at least it is trying to. It got really nice today, like 70 degrees. I even went out this afternoon/evening and did some yard work! Holy cow. lol My hubby and daughter went away, so I didnt have to make supper or be on a schedule tonight. I went out and cleaned some things up, feed the birds, looked to see what was growing already. WOW. I will probably pay for the work I did tomorrow, but I was 1/2 enjoying myself tonight! I have a few things coming up that I cant remember what they are! lol But, thats half the fun of planting, isnt it? I know must of it, there are just a few spots Im not so sure about.

Since it DID get so warm and sunny/HOT today.....I cant wait to get my hair chopped OFF!! lol If anyone knew me before, I have had really short punky type hair for a long time. Well, now I have a daughter and she wanted to do girly things with hair so I started growing mine. She got hers CUT! lol Oh well!!! lol But, I have left mine grow and decided to get at least the 10 inches needed for Locks of Love. What a COOL idea!!!!! I should have about 11 now, so I am happy with that. I figured I would get it cut by summer time, because I will NOT be able to stand it so thick and long and HOT. I also cant take such good care of it anymore either. I hope to make someone happy with it.

I can NOT wait till Sat! I have an all day crop to go to and its NEW!!!!! I hope/think I will be the only CTMH person there. This is one my friend found in the paper (well actually her hubby!) and its for Tiny Miracles---premie babies and such. Raising money for that organizatioN!!!!! We like that too! :)

Thursday, March 27, 2008

About Cellphones!!!!!!!!!!

I just REALLLY need to chat about cellphones and services and such for a minute. I have been with Sprint like forever. YEARS. This last 2 yrs, NOT so good. THe dang phone didnt even work in my HOUSE!! lol How does that happen? So, for months (since summer) I knew my 2yr contract was up, so I have been asking people what phone and what service they have been using. When theirs WORKS and mine did NOT!!!
I also go up toward the State Collage area (mountains) a few times a year, and wouldnt it be great IF my phone actually WORKED?!? :)
SO, I finally decide Im gonna buy an AT&T phone. Our local Walmart does ATT, so I go there. The girl was great!!! She helped me out alot, told me what I needed to know and answered all my questions. SO, the other Wednesday I came home with a new phone. Sprint of course tried to talk me OUT of leaving them......If I had a newer phone, if this, if that...I Said NO WAY!!!!! YOu do NOT work and it didnt seem to matter about the phone.
SO, I go to the mountatins and the phone WORKS!!! All the way there, at the sb retreat and home again too! Plus, this thing doesnt need charged like FOREVER! Geeez. Its great. I swore I would never get a camera phone, but whats a girl to do when they ALL come with one?!?!? SO, I took a picture of my hubby and kid and can even do this caller picture id thing. Pretty coool!!!! Plus, I snapped a few of my kitties before I left for the weekend too! :)
Ok, gotta go watch Trace.

Blah kind of day

So, yesterday, Wednesday, was a great day. I felt good, the sun was shining....until later! lol
By the end of the night, I KNEW I was getting SICK! UGH. I have missed most of it for the longest time, but I guess it finally caught up to me. I felt absolutly terrible today. YUCK! I couldnt even really nap right because I felt so yuck! Then you KNOW its bad. lol
SO, Ive been popping cold meds and drinking oj and resting. See what tomorrow brings.

On another note. I MUST go watch the Celebrity Apprentice. TRACE Adkins made it to the end!!!! I have NEVER watched this show, and doubt that I will again, but Ive seen a few episodes and it was ok. I KNOW he will KICK the Brits Butt tonight!!! LOL Even if all else fails, its a big party and hes gonna perform at the end too. So, hopefully I can make it to stay AWAKE till 11PM!!! lol

Monday, March 24, 2008

My 7 Random Facts:

Well, this could be fun! or not? lol

1. I LOVE garfield and have a pretty BIG collection. AND I bet you didnt know they (we) garfield nuts have a convention every year!!
2. My husband and I adopted and older girl. At age 10! She is our only child.
3. My very first concert.....Was Prince Purple Rain tour!!!! lol
4. I like to collect dice. I dont have a bunch of them, but I like different ones and keep a bunch in a glass container.
5. I do NOT like reality tv shows. Shhhh, dont tell anyone! :o
6. I hate turtlenecks or anything else around my neck.
7. I have Fibromyalgia.

OK....Ok to tag some people.

I have been tagged!!!!

Here are the RULES....I will post soon with my 7!

Okay so the rules are...
Link to the person who tagged you, and post the rules on your blog.
Share 7 random/and or wierd facts about yourself on your blog, we all want to know them.
Tag 7 random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs.
Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.
So here are the 7 who I chose to tag:

Friday, March 14, 2008

Whats happening??

Hey all!!! I cant beleive it has been SO long since I last posted. Geez....Its NOT that I have been THAT busy! lol Maybe lazy is more like it! :) I even took some pictures the other day of some really cool cards that I made using our CTMH's groups random stamped paper and of course my new Cuttlebug dry embossing too. I just love that thing and how it looks when you sand some off and the color POPS with our white core paper.
I have been trying to get ready for a cropping weekend AWAY!!!! I LOVE this for lots of reasons. One, where it is--Mountains!! LOve it there. Two, its like a mini vacation, three I love the people there and always ALWAYS have a great time!!! THis is my third time going there. SO, Hopefully I will get something done this weekend and have even More pics to share on MOnday.....or Tues! lol :)

Have A Wonderful Weekend.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Quiet Weekend

Nothing much exciting this weekend. I was home all weekend again! lol That wont be happening for a few months again now!! LOL I have something almost every Sat. and/or whole weekend planned for the next 2 months. We had off again on Friday because of some snow. Geeezzz, we get an inch or two of snow and there NO school anymore. But, later in the day it did start raining/freezing so I guess that was good we were NOT out in it.
I was talking about my scrap room that I some how needed more space on my hubby promptly suggested that I get rid of some stuff to make room! lol That's NOT gonna happen. lol SO, he said we could get some brackets, we already had a big piece of wood, and make a shelf or two AND, this is the big thing, I will do it TODAY!!! WOW. That usually doesn't happen unless I beg, plead and yell! Lol So I cleaned most of the desk off and he put up two shelves and now I am slowly putting stuff back and trying to decide what really needs to be in reach, and what can go UP! I am also sorting and getting rid of a few things. I figure if I haven't used them at all or in a year or whatever, I probably will not use them. When I go to my weekend crop in March, there is a yard sale table. Someone else might love to have my stuff.
We went to Friendly's for ice cream sundaes last night. We hadn't done that in a long time and I was hungry for one. Man did that taste good. It took way over 1/2 hr to GET them, but they were yummy! Guess I should go finish putting my room back together and I think we need to eat supper yet to.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Valentines and other small happy thoughts!

Valentines is not such a big deal around my house. We tell each other all the time that we love each other, so it is not such a big deal on that one day. We do like doing something little though. We just got my dd some candy and we all went out for dinner together. They also got me a small flower, which my wonderful dd said...another plant for you to kill mom!! Lol Think she knows? lol Some flowers just do NOT like to live in the house!! Here is a picture of my hubby and me out for our dinner taken by my daughter.

FRIDAY, we had off of school around here, so my daughter and I went to visit grandmom!! Nothing big, just some girl time out. There is always food involved and we decided to go to a local farmers market that is inside. So, lunch took a long time to get to us, but it was very good. Mom & I got Pork & saurkraut, and Kim got a hamburger! lol Then we were walking around and looking to buy a few things and also working on dessert. All of a sudden I spotted my FAVORITE all time thing......A Glazed Preztel Doughnut!!! OMG!!! I couldnt beleive it. lol I didnt think to take a picture of them and they are now GONE! Lol I tried looking for one on the web but couldnt find any that came close to what I am talking about. Its really JUST a glazed doughnut formed into a pretzel, BUT, it just tastes that much better! Lol I used to eat these when I was in like middle school and I do not find them around very often any more. Well, NOW I KNOW were to get them!!! UNfortantly they are VERY close to where my mom lives! But, that is still over 1/2 an hour from me, so I wont be going there to oftne! other news...I finally bought a Cuddlebug yesterday!!!!! I have beent wanting one and trying to hold off and I just couldnt do it anymore. I had a 1/2 OFF coupon and know were to get cheap embossing folders (which is what I mainly wanted it for), so I did it. I have a Cricut, so I probably wont be using it to actually cut things out to often. I was playing with the few things it came with yesterday and had some fun but havent actually made a card on anything. When I do, I will post it!! Gotta go now...lunch with our friend and some running around.
Have a great rest of the weekend.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Snow day Ice day

So the kids got out early yesterday and just in time too! It started snowing around lunch time and kept on with some sort of precepitation all day yet today. It was really snow/icy this morning. We started out with a 2 hour delay. I looked outside and said, YEAH, like I want to go out in this stuff!!!! It looked terrbile, was pouring, still had ice on the driveway/street and side walk. Im a crossing gaurd, NO way did I want to go out there! lol Well, a few minutes later (because you just KEEP checking for updates) they cancelled school. NOW, for the interesting part.....they are supposed to get out early on Thurs, (Plus Im figuring its gonna be another delay in the morning) still icy. Then off on Friday and Monday for Presidents day. Now, Monday should be a make up day and they will go to school. Geeez, what a screwy schedule! Lol
After school yesterday we needed a few things grocery wise, so we quick made a trip to Sharp Shopper. It is sort of a big 'left over' kind of place that also has lots of regular everyday stuff too. Like lots of NO name brands and that, and then some bent n dent I guess you call it. Most of there stuff if fine though. Some prices are NOT better then the regular grocery store and a bunch are. So I have started going there again like every couple of weeks. Lots of like cereals, pastas and snack stuff is great! Anyway, Im glad we did, because I would NOT have gone out today! lol We had milk and bread which seem to be the staple around here IF your gonna get snowed in!! lol Had lots of lunch and snacky type stuff too...which Im not sure is good or bad?!? hhhmm
I like to have some snack foods around, but then I EAT THEM!!! lol
I cleaned my scraproom up some yesterday and it and other things today. Trying to get stuff were it belongs and all together with its like stuff. Does that make sense? lol It seems I start to put like old school thing here, and then I forget or cant get there, so I start another pile....Im trying to get them into ONE pile now. I like to be organized!!! Doesnt always work, but I try!
I added some new people to my friends blog list. Some people I just found through others and some just started theirs. Check them out.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Her First Valentine

So, my 14 year old daughter has a boyfriend. They only see each other in school, write notes, make little hearts with their names in them, stuff like that. But they appear to really like each other and care about each other about as much as you can when you are that age! lol SO, yesterday she said that HE had something for her for Valentines day and wanted to quick stop by the house to drop it off. She got the cutest biggest stuffed teddy bear and a nice card. It was so cute! To have someone care about you and do something just for just made my day almost as much as it did hers!! :)

Monday, February 11, 2008

What a relief

I dont think I have talked about to much on here, but I have Fibromyalgia. IF you never heard of it, be GLAD!! If you have it or someone you know has it, Im very sorry. My reason for bringing it up today is because I have been going to,helping and then running a FM support group in my area for about 10 years or so. I think, time flies when your having fun! LoL. Fibro and CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) plus about 100s of other types of things are all "under" the Arthritis Foundation. They sponser support groups, get info out there, raise money and awareness, that sort of thing. Well, this group has never been a big one, but there are some of us regulars and we often get new people come that we feel we can help out, so we just keep going no matter if its just us few or 10 others. Well, the Arthrits Foundation thinks we should have MORE education, which basically means more speakers, and they just do NOT provide them for Fibro. They have lots of Drs and things for other types of arthrits, but not us. It is very hard to get someone to know, speak, teach or heal. So, we have decided today to split ways. My coleader and I will most likely continue to have a meeting once a month some where, weather it be a restaurant of parking lot or fast food joint! Lol We can keep some of the regulars and ourselves and not have anyone left to answer to but ourselves. This has been a long time coming, but now that it has happened, I feel like a big weight was lifted off my shoulders. Now, no one will be looking over my shoulder and wondering what Im doing or why Im doing it. Anyway, we actually have our meeting tonight, so we can discuss and decide what we will do for next month. If only ONE person shows up, then so be it. We are pretty much all friends now anyway! lol
IF you would like any information about this go here

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Weekend and stuff

Well, I was very busy on Friday getting ready to go away for my weekend crop and also for the Home party show on Sunday. Whew....I was tired by the time I got to camp on Friday night! lol

I didnt even take lots of pics. I usually do, even if I never use them, I like to see where Ive been! lol I left then on Sat. night to come home so me and my bunkmates could get some sleep. Apparently I snore VERY loudly!! It was sooo hot and dry there, I dont think that helped any, plus I was trying to get a cold.

Sundays Home Party Show went pretty good. All the planning and worrying and doing and all of a sudden it was here. There were LOTS of people!!! I couldnt beleive ALL the people! Lol

My friend Sandy helped me man the stand and we handed out lots of Free older catalogs, my business card with a little 1x1 stamp and another paper with my info and CTMH mission on it. SO, my name and CTMHs products are out there. People really loved the free IdeaBOoks!!! Everyone likes free stuff, especially something you can really use!

I have some people interested in doing some sort of workshop, so that will be next on my list. I have been sick most of this week. My ears and head hurt SO bad on Monday, I didnt do anything. Its getting better though every day.

This is just a small photo of my table at the Home Party show.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

NOT my best day.

I dont know what is wrong with me today, but Im just NOT into it!? lol I am going away tomorrow for a weekend of scrapbooking, I do have to leave early because on Sunday I am setting up at a Home Pary Show. This is my very first time at something like this and this is a BIG one! I have NO clue if what I have is OK, how much I should show, HOW I show it?!?! UGH!!! HELP! lol SO, I guess Im just stressing out a tad bit! I realized not to long ago that the things I have been making in the last few months at meetings and such to show potential customers.....are ALL Christmas! lol So, if you want to see a really great christmas layout or some very pretty cards, I got them. Its FEB tomorrow, I dont think too many of us really want to be reminded about christmas. SO, Im trying to do some other kinds of cards. Then you think, well, I dont have THAT paper or THAT color ink or THAT stamp set!!! Whats a girl to do? lol
I am still debating how & what I want to give as a door prize too. Gift certificates are nice, but people might get more excited if they were actually getting someTHING instead. Maybe some of both? Hhhmm My friend is helping me on Sunday and Im sure I will drive her totally NUTSO till the end of the weekend!! :) I will let you know what, how it goes. Wish me luck. Cross your fingers (& toes). Pray for me.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My First day with my NEW VAN!!!!

I actually picked up the van yesterday afternoon and took a few pics quick. Which is good, because it was raining/sleeting cold YUCK all day today! So, Im liking this pretty vehicle, looks nice, comfortable, a million buttons to play with! Lol My first big MiniVAN experience.....I went to the drive thru at the bank this morning and the lady asked IF I wanted any lollipops!!!!! UGH!!! lol What, have van must have kids??? lol NO way! lol But thats ok, I let it slide once. I really do like it, it is so much easier to get in and out of and is up a little bit higher. I cant wait to go on one of my scrapping weekend road trips!! Fill up the back with stuff, use the cruise control! Oh yeah, Im there!! lol

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Mixed Feelings

Well, if you have been hanging around here you may remember that we were trying to sell our Jeep for a little while now, so we could buy me a van. TODAY, we finally SOLD IT!!!!

So, I should be happy, right? Well, I have mixed feeling about it. First off, when my husbands parents passed away years ago, that is when we bought it. Then, we had joined a jeep club and went "jeeping" as we call it. Mostly guided rides through Paragon Adventure park. It was usually very fun. The only bad things were if I really hurt it hurt me more and if I didnt when we started, I would when we were done! lol But it was a nice day OUT for us kinda by ourselves that didnt cost too much. The other bad thing.....NO toilets! Yup, you had to go in the woods! lol SOmetimes that was NOT fun either. lol When Kimberly came into our life, we went a few times with her too and other times they would go and I would stay home. Then it got to be too much for us. I know my husband loved driving his jeep and he will miss it, but I also know since it was lifted that he was starting to have some problems getting in and out of it too. We did not use that as a 'family' car anymore thats for sure!! It was great in the summer, with the top off and the wind in your hair and the sun on your face. Kind of like our 4 wheel motorcycle!! lol SInce we didnt ride those anymore either. SO, now we got rid of all the FUN stuff, he gets to drive my Buick!!!! LOL and I am getting a miniVAN! Who wouldve thought?? NOT me, not in a million years. We were all a little sorry to see it go, but all in all we know it was the right thing to do.

SO, goodbye Jeep.........

Friday, January 25, 2008

Just a few things Ive been working on

I have been busy lately doing some projects and swaps. When I have a reason to create I love it even more!! Its funny how I wasnt really a stamper before, but once I used the clear stamps...I feel in love! lol I also was one to say " I dont like to make cards, I just want to scrapbook"! Well, NOW I love making cards too!! lol Funny how fast things can change. Hope you enjoy.

Monday, January 21, 2008

YOu have GOT to see this!!!!

OK, I saw this on someone else blog today and could NOT believe it!!! Check this ROOM out.
Is it just another scrapbooker OR is it a store? WOW. Awesome And people think I have a lot of stuff!!!!

What MY name means according to blogthing!!!

What Michon Means
You are confident, self assured, and capable. You are not easily intimidated.You master any and all skills easily. You don't have to work hard for what you want.You make your life out to be exactly how you want it. And you'll knock down anyone who gets in your way!
You tend to be pretty tightly wound. It's easy to get you excited... which can be a good or bad thing.You have a lot of enthusiasm, but it fades rather quickly. You don't stick with any one thing for very long.You have the drive to accomplish a lot in a short amount of time. Your biggest problem is making sure you finish the projects you start.
You are very open. You communicate well, and you connect with other people easily.You are a naturally creative person. Ideas just flow from your mind.A true chameleon, you are many things at different points in your life. You are very adaptable.
You are truly an original person. You have amazing ideas, and the power to carry them out.Success comes rather easily for you... especially in business and academia.Some people find you to be selfish and a bit overbearing. You're a strong person.
You are well rounded, with a complete perspective on life.You are solid and dependable. You are loyal, and people can count on you.At times, you can be a bit too serious. You tend to put too much pressure on yourself.
You are very intuitive and wise. You understand the world better than most people.You also have a very active imagination. You often get carried away with your thoughts.You are prone to a little paranoia and jealousy. You sometimes go overboard in interpreting signals.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

New Blogger!!

Ok, my husband gets some crazy ideas in his head sometimes, but this one may just be worth following. IF you have any children over the age of 2 on UP, you probably (hopefully) have some clue about the music that they are listening too. Well, if you are anything like us, that is VERY difficult some times. The names of the bands and people are one thing, but when you look up the words to these songs, you then need a dictionary to figure out what the heck all those words mean.
Well, this is what my husband is now working on. My daughter (14) wants to listening to the songs that her friends do and talk about. We are pretty strict (my hubby even more so then me) so, she isnt allowed to listen to a lot of the same things other kids her age are.
Anyway, so he would look up the song and THEN look up the lyrics. THAT was the scary part. One song was talking about his girl being superman or something, and that had to do with sex!! Who comes up with this stuff? And who would even THINK that it is NOT appropreaite?
SO, he started a blog here and will be looking into some of our top songs.
It is all pretty interesting! I hope that more parents and teachers start to pay attention to this stuff.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Waiting for the Weekend!!!

YES, the weekend. I am NOT so patiently waiting. I have a crop all day Sat. and I have been looking forward to it for a while now. I have been doing more scrapbooking and card making and stamping and that at home, but I still like to go 'out' and do it too!
I am also going to be teaching a small class. I am still trying to decide...card or Easter basket type thing? I will have to take pictures and post and see what you think.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Weird Weather

I live in PA, and we are about an hour away from Harrisburg. The Farm Show started last weekend and runs thru this weekend. Usually when it is that time of the year, we get LOTS of snow. Like 1-2 FEET or something like that. This year...NOT even close. We are breaking record temps in the HIGHS!!! Its been like springtime here this week. Very strange.

Sunday, January 6, 2008


A two page layout with all paper and die-cuts from the kit.

HERE are a few cards that I made with Serendipity. This is a special promotion from Close To My Heart right now. It is awesome.

OK, here is the whole 'kit' that you get

Very Productive weekend

Well, I was at an all day crop yesterday and made a few cards and a 2 page layout with CTMH new Serendipity set. Man is that AWESOME! lol I will take pics later, but figured IF I waited, nothing would get done on here. lol ALSO, I think we have a buyer for our old and sitting Tahoe!! That is WAY awesome. It was like our 3rd car, and it still runs great but needed work that would could neither afford or do. SO, a friend may be buying it and her hubby is a mechanic, so no big deal for them. And they really needed another vechile. Cool, huh?

FINALLY got the christmas stuff OUT of my living room today too! WOW. Everything was basically packed up, but was waiting to go back to storage(instead of the basement). SO, we did that today. whew Hubby got a lot done yesterday and today too. He got his hard top on the Jeep so we can get that ready and get an ad in the paper to sell eventually I HOPEFULLY can buy that VAN!!! Lol Yes, that is STILL in the works. We put down a small deposit and luckily they are very nice people for letting it sit and wait for us to do our thing.

Well, thats all for now. I will take pics later of what I made yesterday and get them posted. I am very happy with how they turned out.

Friday, January 4, 2008

New Year

Ive been thinking about coming here since the new year and what I could write, but just havent made it till now! I dont make new years resolutions....why bother? lol I have dreams, goals, things I would LIKE to see happen, but doesnt everybody? And why only on New YEars? I dont know. lol
I have a crop to go to tomorrow. FINALLY A day out of the house and away from everyone! lol Dont get me wrong, I LOVE my family, but I need my Sat. scrap day away sometimes too!!! With the new CTMH catty and all kinds of awesome new papers and stamps and toys, I cant wait to play with them all tomorrow. Well, maybe not ALL of them, but some anyway! I have another crop on the 19th then too. Except I finally get to be a CTMH vendor for this one. How awesome is that? VERY!! lol I have been going to this crop for a while now. She has a few a year and its a crop for a cure to raise monies for the cancer relay team. Its great. Last summer, Lisa Bearnson from Creative Keepsakes even came to visit her!!!! She (Lisa B.) gave us all a magazine, autographed it and talked to each one of us and let us take pics too! It was really awesome!
Well, I think I hear my pillow calling my name. I have another headache and just cant stand it anymore. Hopefully with sleep I wont fell it anymore. HOPEFULLY.