Monday, August 25, 2008

WOW, what a day!!!

OK, so its the FIRST Day OF School around here. We got through that. It also then means back to work for me ( Im a crossing guard) no big deal there either.
My BIG order of all new CTMH stuff comes, hubby comes home, big deal. THEN, my daughter was outside and said that the neighbors dishwasher was ON FIRE. OMG>...Im running out of the house wondering what the heck shes talking about, my friend (the neighbor) is outside all upset, her hubby comes to the door and says "Its Out"! Its ok!! Oh my gosh!!!!!
SO, she was home, making dinner and running the dishwasher and he had just walked in with their son when sparks and fire were flying out of their dishwasher!!! She didnt know what to do, called 911, grabbed a cat and ran outside!! Thats when my dd had come to get me. WOW. SO, of course the WHOLE entire town was here then. The police car, the fire guy, then TWO fire trucks!! Must of been a boring night in Denver! lol Luckily we live real close by too. SO, everything and everyone is Ok. The dishwasher is OUT for the trash or Insurance people or whatever. When they brought it out and we looked inside the dishwasher to the start of the fire, it was SCARY!!! Just glad them and their house and their animals were all ok. Scary thing.
NOW, its bedtime!!!