Monday, June 23, 2008

CTMH convention

Well, I waited for THE last minute/day/second, but, Im going to FL for the CTMH convention!!!! I can NOT believe it! I have only been begging, pleading, losing sleep over this for MONTHS. Alot of my group is going and some people on line that I would love to meet and I KNOW I will learn alot and see a lot and I just couldnt let it go. I am scared to ---well almost scared to death to fly----but someone will be with me! That may not know they may need to hold my hand yet though!! lol EEEK I just KNOW this is gonna be SO worth it. How could you not learn something for days there with business stuff, creat-n-takes and a whole bunch of other consultants? WOW. Plus of course we get to see ALL the NEW product & catalog for Sept!!!! That is just the cream on top!

I KNOW I have not posted here in a long time. I have pics and ideas and stuff going on, just have NOT done things. I am still having my headaches MOST days and now that summer is here, well its just crazy!!!! Im sure you all are busy too.
HAVE a great summer. Will try to catch up and post more later.