Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Weekend of Scrapbooking

Well, actually I should call it a weekend of card making! lol Because that is what I did. I actually got a lot done too. Which not only surprised me, but my friends as well. I dont usually get much done for one reason or another. Like talking!! I had CTMH stamp of the month swap cards to make, DONE. Then I had taken a bunch of stuff that was kind of cut and bagged and just waiting to be finished up. Like extra swap stuff or classes and what nots. Finished those too! Made a bunch of christmas cards, thank yous and a box of just put togethers that I had won a fews months ago. I was very happy. Then I also worked on a "friend" album. Got the whole thing covered! WOW. I want to take pics then and post a just a few. No time now. Gotta go to work!
THEN Im going out to eat with bff and going to see the MJ movie. Cant wait. Girls night out...and in after dark too. We wont know how to act.

Monday, October 19, 2009

My kid in for surgery

Wow, I must admit I am probably more nervous and worked up then she is. She has done this countless times before she even came to live with us, and this is only the second time with us. Its her knee, she messed it up pretty bad on Labor Day, but Drs only figured it out recently with the MRI. Now, Im sitting here in the waiting room with their WiFi access! lol What a world we live in. I cant beleive how nervouse I was seeing my little girl (16) being wheeled away to surgery and not being able to go along.
Dr. just came out as Im writing this and all went well. She is done and in recovery. Whew. Just have to wait for her to wake up now. We figrue she probably starving since she hasnt eaten since last night before midnight. We all stayed up late and made a pizza for snack!! lol She liked that too I think.

Monday, June 22, 2009

So much to tell you

and I never do. Right now I am getting ready to leave for TX on Thurs. for the garfield convention. Yes, the cat! My friends here in PA and I have not gone for a few years and we just cant stay away another year. I know it is going to be SOOOO hot, but I am so looking forward to seeing everyone and playing with the orange cat some too. Since my collection is in storage, Im not planning on buying anything, unless its real special. But Im just happy to be going. That also means I am flying again!! UGH We have a layover some where in the middle to, so its like flying 4 times! lol
I also have some things that I have been making here and there and been meaning to post, but with summer and the way Ive been feeling, that hasnt happened either.
Last week was vacation bible school, so you know I did nothing else then.
Hope to catch up more often when I get back.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Miss me? Look at this great blog candy from Debbie

OK, so Im not so good at keeping up on here. Sorry. But, I do check out other peoples blogs from time to time and this one http://passionforcrafts.blogspot.com/2009/04/blogoversary-candy.html has a VERY nice blog candy contest right now! Go check it out.
I promise I am going to try to be better at updates on here too. I have SO many great things to share with you all.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sleep Apnea, CARS and other ramblings

I guess I had not blogged on here about going for my sleep tests about a month ago, but I did! lol Now, I need to sleep with a mask hooked to a CPAP machine. What fun these things are. I knew it would be an adjustment and take some getting used to, but this is crazy. The first night (Tues) a week ago, I spent most of it "playing" with the mask and rearragning it. Then for 2 nights I was awakened by it spitting water UP my nose. That was real fun. NOT I keep talking to the man at the equiptment place and he is nice and helpful, but I think its hard for him to fix it over the phone and also him not having one could be a problem. I am not sleeping better and neither is my husband, in fact it is WORSE. With less sleep. And MORE naps in the daytime for me and still very tired. I am still using it and hoping that each time I learn something new that one of these nights, I will get it right. PLEASE.
I go away to a crop on Sat. and my car breaks down. We just put $$$$ into it about a week ago for some engine work and here now it wont start. I knew it was not the battery, because I had lights and radio, and of course someone had to jump me just to make sure and it didnt help. SO, we got it towed to the garage and it needed a new starter. UGH. Now, maybe that will be it for now.
I am hoping to be going on a scrapbooking weekend next weekend down to the beach. Yes, in Feb! lol Its cheaper, and Im not there to go swimming. The best part of this trip will be that my mom is going along with me. She hasnt been able to go to see the ocean in a long time and I think (know) she was having withdrawls. There is just something about feeling the oceans mists and seeing and hearing those waves crashing that gives us ENERGY!!!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Pittsburgh Girls

A Pittsburgh girl knows just as much about football as her guy friend in some cases, even more.
She drinks beer because it tastes good but knows when to be classy and drink something more sophisticated. She owns a Steeler jersey not just because it's cute but because she supports her team and understands the game.
She loves Kennywood and isn't afraid to order cheese fries from the Potato Patch because, let's face it......... Pittsburgh girls wear winter coats and scarves a lot more than bikinis and flip flops.
A Pittsburgh girl loves St. Patrick's Day, even if she's not Irish because green beer is good for the soul. Pittsburgh girls don't have a funny accent. They just speak a different language (Pittsburghese).
The word yunz or yinz is dear to her heart. A Pittsburgh girl bleeds black and gold and knows how to have a great time, she's selectively loose! She's stylish and sweet. She has a great education and loves her friends and family.
A Pittsburgh girl goes to church on Sunday even if hung over, only to be let out by the priest early because the Steelers kick off at one.
A Pittsburgh girl might not live by the beach, but the Three Rivers are just as good! She has seen all four seasons and has a reason to love and hate each of them.
She's the type of girl you can call late at night and spill your heart out to. She's the type you can take home to Mom and Dad without worrying they won't like her. Because everyone loves a . Pittsburgh girl
If you need a girl to take to the game, she'll be there. If you need a friend to help you out, she's there. If you need a drinking buddy, she'll be there with her IC ( Iron City ) Light in hand.
So let your Pittsburgh girl know you love her! You can take the girl out of Pittsburgh , but you can never take the Pittsburgh out of the girl!!!!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Sleep Test DONE!

I had to cancel the other part of my sleep test last week because of allergies. So, I finally had it last night. What a joyous time that was. lol Last night (the 2nd part of the test) was to actually wear the machine or cpap, plus all the wires and such from the first time too. I asked the tech (Angie) a few questions last night and the most serious one, IF I WOULD STOP SNORING! She said YES! She explained to me what all was going on with my body and what this machine that would put air through my nose was going to do for it. Very interesting. Now, I have to wait for the medical store to call me to get MY machine and see what happens when I set it up at home. It wasnt quit as bad as I thought. Thought anyone wearing one would NOT win any beauty contests. I dont think my husband really cares about that at this point. He just wants me to stop snoring so HE can sleep! lol I know the girls that have to sleep with me on my weekend scrapbook retreats will VERY much appreciate it too. :) I am also hoping that I will not be SO tired during the day and maybe feel better too. I'll keep you posted.

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Well, my poor daughter had to watch her Eagles LOSE today. BUT, luckily I LOVE the STEELERS and we just WON!!! WE are on our way to the SUPERBOWL!!!!!!!
It would have been cool for my state of PA to have both our teams there. I was afaird to watch the whole game, sometimes I think I jinx them when I do. SO, I just kept checking the score and then watched the last quarter. Whew. TROY P....whatever his name is is awesome. I always just think of him as the hairy guy! Lol SOrry. It was kinda scary watching that guy get taken off the field on the stretcher. He was able to move, so hopefully he will be just fine. What a way to end their game.


Friday, January 9, 2009

Going for Sleep Test tonight!

OH my! So, just about everyone knows I snore, and terribly LOUD too! SO, not only is it NOT good, Im losing sleep and not feeling well. Plus falling asleep all the time during the day. I went to my Dr. the other week and then went to the specialist and tonight go sleep some where else all hooked up to wires and what nots for a few hours so they can see what really is going on. Then, I think they wake me at like 6AM and I can come home! lol Its Sat. for petes sake!! I will probably really have to come home and take a nap then! lol The 2 funny things they didnt want me to do today, was take a nap and NOT drink caffiene!!! Are you crazy? Well, I DID fall asleep and nap, but I am trying NOT to drink the caffiene. I have to go back again next Friday night, so I will let you know what happens.
SO, I pay some bills, and want to go out and put them in the mailbox before I forget. It has been raining so much here, but today its ok. WELLLLL, I didnt get too far down the yard and its REALLLLLLY mudddy...and ON MY BUTT I GO!!!! lol Oh geeezz. Then trying to get UP in that mud mess wasnt so easy either. YUCK!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Another bitter sweet day

Well, the day was actually yesterday....The other year (2 I think) a friend of ours was gonna go be a truck driver and had to be on the road for like 2 months just to train. SO, we kept his cat while he did so. Till it was all done, he didnt want to be an over the road truck driver any more!And he wanted his cat back!! It was almost Christmas and she was just fitting in here and we didnt want to give his cat back! lol SO, we kept Oreo. Well, after all this time, our daughter has pretty much picked on her and made her mad. Oreo started peeing in HER room on HER cloths and bedding!!! NO where else. Just HER ROOM!!! We have 2 other cats, but I guess the are not as hyper or something. Well, in the best interested of the cat, we decided that she should go back to the friend! Lol THis POOR cat! SO, New years day, we took her back. OH, did I mention, in the meantime, that friend got another cat too? lol SO, now he has 2 and we have 2!!!! lol SO, we will miss Oreo very much, but think she will feel better there and calmer. He has no kids, so she should like that again. :) Heres to my fluffernutter