Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Weekend of Scrapbooking

Well, actually I should call it a weekend of card making! lol Because that is what I did. I actually got a lot done too. Which not only surprised me, but my friends as well. I dont usually get much done for one reason or another. Like talking!! I had CTMH stamp of the month swap cards to make, DONE. Then I had taken a bunch of stuff that was kind of cut and bagged and just waiting to be finished up. Like extra swap stuff or classes and what nots. Finished those too! Made a bunch of christmas cards, thank yous and a box of just put togethers that I had won a fews months ago. I was very happy. Then I also worked on a "friend" album. Got the whole thing covered! WOW. I want to take pics then and post a just a few. No time now. Gotta go to work!
THEN Im going out to eat with bff and going to see the MJ movie. Cant wait. Girls night out...and in after dark too. We wont know how to act.