Friday, November 16, 2007

Car Saga continues......

UGH, this CAR (Buick) is turning into a money pit! SO, I take it to the garage yesterday, drop it off and ask them to change the oil, do a 4 wheel alignment and rotate the tires. I pick it up HOURS later, the only thing done is the oil change AND we have a WHOLE new list of STUFF WRONG with this car. So, those noises I was hearing.....they really WERE something! SO, I have TWO bad tires, some bushings things in the front and a different sort in the back (where we have been hearing noises) AND my serpentine belt has some chunks out of it!!!! WOW. So, I cant afford the new van, I cant really afford to fix this car all the time, but you have to! I also think that cars KNOW when you have a little extra $$$!!!! I am supposed to be going away this weekend to my friends over 2 hrs away, and we are taking MY car away for Thanksgiving too. SO, we gotta do something.
I was supposed to go do some learning/stamping stuff this morning at my up lines house, but I decided NOT to. Was almost ready to walk out the door, but I just couldn't do it. This has NOT been the greatest week of my life and I'm either having panic attacks or a nervous breakdown...or both!? Who knows. I need to pack and get ready to leave tonight yet too. I wasn't sure I was going, so I didn't do anything last night to get ready! We are going to be making cookies and fudge. Yum. Maybe this will help me 'get it together' a little better. Taking a break and seeing my girlfriend.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Me, in a Mini VAN??!!

Well, I'm not sure yet and it wont happen today, BUT, we are looking for another car for me and we seem to be heading in the MINI-VAN direction!!! UGH! ME?!? lol I have a 4 door Buick now and we are getting rid of our Jeep, and wanted to try to get another SUV type vehicle. Hubby will probably end up with my car then. Well, suv types are expensive to buy and to we started looking at other things. I dont want another 'car' like the Buick, or I would just keep it. I want and we need, something a little higher off the ground and a little bigger. I looked at a Pontiac Transport (Montana) last night to get the idea. Its got ALL the bells and whistles that I really wanted but did NOT think we would be able to get. It has LOTS of miles on it though?!? I don't know what to think. I am going to go and take it for a test drive today, just to see what I think and IF its comfortable. I'll let you know!!! School gets out early today, so we are off to a longer weekend. lol :)

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Calligraphy, Volunteer Lunch, shopping, etc!

I have been really busy the past few days. Trying to get some things done. Ran some errands and went to Walmart shopping on Tuesday. I spent over TWO hours in that store!! HOW? Well, for one, no kid, NO hubby!!! Plus I wasn't quiet done and it was lunchtime, so I got a bite to eat at the Subway there too! Got a few Christmas presents too. Then last night I went to a class at my local scrapbook store last night on Calligraphy. It was pretty cool!! After about 2 hours straight of writing and hand cramping, we were all tired! lol It was hard for the teacher to show us on a white board, like how to hold the pen and at what angle, but when she came and showed us on our paper with the pen, it worked much better!
I volunteer at a local clothing/food bank every Wednesday morning and I went there today then we also had our Thank You lunch today too. Its when the board members and such serve US volunteers and just thank everyone. It is really nice.
OH, I almost forgot.....I actually WON something on the FIskateers online crop this weekend too! I cant wait to get it!!! I will let you know what and when.
Tomorrow......I don't think I have anything on the calendar!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Fiskateer Round Up What? Read more to find out!!

OK, Did you ever hear of a Fisk-a-teer? Well, if not, you need to. Go to I am sure that most of you have heard of Fiskars and all their wonderful products. Well, as a fiskateer, you can learn about them, post pictures & projects in their gallery and chat with people on the message boards too. You email one of the original Fiskateers and they will tell you what to do! Now, What is a Round-up? They are hosting an online crop. So hopefully you can get in quick if you are not already a fiskateer. May (just one of the original fiskateers) will be online all weekend long with RAKs, projects and allllll kinds of awesome prizes! She also set up a special blog right here on blogspot for this event.
Well, I gotta go check out some threads on the the site and get some crafting done!!!
Hope you can join us.