Sunday, September 30, 2007

FINALLY got my car back!

Well, I actually got it back on Sat, but I wasn't home most of the day because I was at a crop. Then I was to tired to care! lol It is nice however to look out the window and actually SEE MY CAR THERE!!! I almost thought on Friday afternoon, that we were NOT going to be able to pick it up. The bill was almost $400!!!!!! Geeeez, where are you supposed to get that kind of money anyway? lol NOT in MY checkbook, that's for sure. But, some how, as usual, things kinda worked out. We got to pick up the car. It is DIRTY/DUSTY/ yuck gross. Did I mention it was DIRTY? Apparently there is a quarry right near this garage. So, besides the dust, the dew helped and it all stuck to my car! lol
So, back to work I go tomorrow. I bet the kids and everyone wonder where I have been ALL WEEK.
Worked some in my new scrap room again today. Not scrapping, but cleaning, organizing, figure out just how I want things!
Gotta get ready to go away this weekend. Leaving Friday night, coming home Sunday. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this place! Its about almost 2 hrs away (if I remember right?!) My friend and I were there in like May and this is with the same people same place.
That was also where I got to see and hear an Indigo Bunting for the first (and only)time!!!!
I was very excited!!!!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

WeekDay 3 NO CAR!!!

Well, this is the 3rd week day without a Car! I dont like it very much. I cant go to work, cant get errands done, cant just GO!! The garage still has NOT called, apparently they are very busy!? IF they dont call by lunch time, Im gonna start calling them. You would also think, that if I was stuck at home ALL day, I would get something PRODUCTIVE done!? NO way! lol In fact, I think I have gotten LESS done. I have been very tired lately, so usually do fall asleep sometime in the morning. Im still getting UP with hubby and dd in the am too. Dont get me wrong, Ive gotten a few minor things done. I will work on doing something more again today. Nothing else excting right now.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Did I mention I HATE cars?

Well, in case I didn't say it before, I HATE CARS! Mostly when they don't work and especially when they leave me & a friend sitting over an HOUR AWAY from home!!!!! UGH. So, I went to this really great CTMH Christmas card making day yesterday and we didn't get more then 10mins down the road on the way home and my car DIED! I was still sort of going, but like the gas pedal was not giving me any gas. NO, I did NOT run OUT!! lol I have a FULL tank! Luckily, I realized something was wrong and quickly pulled OFF the road. It started, but would not stay started and isn't getting gas. SO, My hubby had to come get us. I called a friend that was still at the church cleaning up and she came and got us so we could wait there instead of on the road, then took us back to my car when hubby was almost to it. He looked did a few things, but nothing was happening. Him & a friend went back there today to see what they could do. Well, nothing still worked. Just so happened though that there was a garage a little ways down that I had passed before it died, so they got down the hill to there, left a note and the keys! We shall see what it is, how much and hopefully they can fix it. Thank GOD for lots of friends and wonderful helpers.
On a good note. I did have a great time making/teaching cards all day. The consultants made theirs after everyone else was done. I have a few finished and plan to finish the rest, then I will take pictures and share. They are all great, but there is one I LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! The stamp is a cardinal and the card is put together different, so it is just awesome!!! (It is one that I made sure to finish so I would not mess it up!) I also learned a lot of new things too and met some great people.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Guess I have been busy!

Well, Nothing like going back to school and work to keep you moving! I never even finished telling you about my car. I think it is just getting old and very tired and with practically NO maintance, it is not a happy car either! lol BUT, it got me to my girlfriends house 3 hours away this past weekend and back home, so I guess I cant complain too much!!

I dont even remember if I talked about my bday? I will certainly have to put some pictures up here. My new scrapRoom is great!!!!

SO, this is it!! Everything was moved out of this room (not the big rooltop desk or a china hutch) but all the junk! Lol And, MY scrap table with the shelves there, was moved into it and I got another table too!!!! THis is just WAY coool!!!
SO, I have been organizing and making more of a mess and yes, actually working on a few things too! I will have to post some stuff then.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Lost weekend

WOW, I guess its been a while since Ive written. With school starting and then Labor Day weekend, birthdays and all kinds of events, I think I got lost! lol We were off on Friday and we did all of our errands. Driving from one end of the county to the other, Lunch with my mom at Sonics! lol
Sat. I went to an Indian pow-wow with a friend and met my mom and her friends there. It was a gorgeous day!!! Its in a park, so there is shade. My hubby & dd stayed home and worked reallllly hard to clean up his/our junk room and moved my scrapping table over there and now I have a scrap room!!! I will try to post some pics later on from that too. Sunday was my bday, so we went out for breakfast and just had a nice day. Monday we all had off yet, so we slept in some, then went to AC Moore later and out to eat. THAT was an adventure of its own. Geeezzz, I didnt think it was going to be THAT hard to find a place that was OPEN and also would actually wait on us.
Tuesday was back to school. Getting caught up now and trying to get a routine going again. Got lots more to say from the weekend too. OH, I gotta tell you about my car too! :( BBL