Sunday, July 20, 2008

Cell Phone stuff

I just have to say, the stuff I thought I would never use on a cellphone!! SO, a few months ago you may remember I mentioned that I finally switched carriers. I went with AT&T and got a new phone. Well, most of them now have cameras. No biggy. I figure I will never use it, but its there. Well, let me tell you what IS the coooolest thing ON my cellphone now? Yup, that camera. NOT because it takes great pics, (heck, I cant even get them OFF the phone!) BUT, there is this feature called picture caller ID!!!!! HOW cool is that? Well, if you cant always SEE the name and/or the number that comes, you should be able to see the picture ON the screen!! So, at least for the people I talk to more often I take a picture and put it with their phone number, so when they call, THEIR picture comes up!!!! I really love it! lol And apparently I am not the only one. Do you know how many people have taken MY picture lately for the same reason?

Kimberlys bday is coming very SOON!!!! I am also counting the days till FL!!!! TEN TEN TEN!!!!!