Monday, January 26, 2009

Sleep Test DONE!

I had to cancel the other part of my sleep test last week because of allergies. So, I finally had it last night. What a joyous time that was. lol Last night (the 2nd part of the test) was to actually wear the machine or cpap, plus all the wires and such from the first time too. I asked the tech (Angie) a few questions last night and the most serious one, IF I WOULD STOP SNORING! She said YES! She explained to me what all was going on with my body and what this machine that would put air through my nose was going to do for it. Very interesting. Now, I have to wait for the medical store to call me to get MY machine and see what happens when I set it up at home. It wasnt quit as bad as I thought. Thought anyone wearing one would NOT win any beauty contests. I dont think my husband really cares about that at this point. He just wants me to stop snoring so HE can sleep! lol I know the girls that have to sleep with me on my weekend scrapbook retreats will VERY much appreciate it too. :) I am also hoping that I will not be SO tired during the day and maybe feel better too. I'll keep you posted.

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