Friday, January 2, 2009

Another bitter sweet day

Well, the day was actually yesterday....The other year (2 I think) a friend of ours was gonna go be a truck driver and had to be on the road for like 2 months just to train. SO, we kept his cat while he did so. Till it was all done, he didnt want to be an over the road truck driver any more!And he wanted his cat back!! It was almost Christmas and she was just fitting in here and we didnt want to give his cat back! lol SO, we kept Oreo. Well, after all this time, our daughter has pretty much picked on her and made her mad. Oreo started peeing in HER room on HER cloths and bedding!!! NO where else. Just HER ROOM!!! We have 2 other cats, but I guess the are not as hyper or something. Well, in the best interested of the cat, we decided that she should go back to the friend! Lol THis POOR cat! SO, New years day, we took her back. OH, did I mention, in the meantime, that friend got another cat too? lol SO, now he has 2 and we have 2!!!! lol SO, we will miss Oreo very much, but think she will feel better there and calmer. He has no kids, so she should like that again. :) Heres to my fluffernutter

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