Monday, June 22, 2009

So much to tell you

and I never do. Right now I am getting ready to leave for TX on Thurs. for the garfield convention. Yes, the cat! My friends here in PA and I have not gone for a few years and we just cant stay away another year. I know it is going to be SOOOO hot, but I am so looking forward to seeing everyone and playing with the orange cat some too. Since my collection is in storage, Im not planning on buying anything, unless its real special. But Im just happy to be going. That also means I am flying again!! UGH We have a layover some where in the middle to, so its like flying 4 times! lol
I also have some things that I have been making here and there and been meaning to post, but with summer and the way Ive been feeling, that hasnt happened either.
Last week was vacation bible school, so you know I did nothing else then.
Hope to catch up more often when I get back.

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