Monday, October 19, 2009

My kid in for surgery

Wow, I must admit I am probably more nervous and worked up then she is. She has done this countless times before she even came to live with us, and this is only the second time with us. Its her knee, she messed it up pretty bad on Labor Day, but Drs only figured it out recently with the MRI. Now, Im sitting here in the waiting room with their WiFi access! lol What a world we live in. I cant beleive how nervouse I was seeing my little girl (16) being wheeled away to surgery and not being able to go along.
Dr. just came out as Im writing this and all went well. She is done and in recovery. Whew. Just have to wait for her to wake up now. We figrue she probably starving since she hasnt eaten since last night before midnight. We all stayed up late and made a pizza for snack!! lol She liked that too I think.

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